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4 New Smartphone Technologies People Must Know

Updated on August 7, 2016

4 New Smartphone Technologies

New smartphones are launching every month having different features and specifications. Actually there is a competition between different brands and smartphone production companies like Micromax, Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia and many other brands. Every month people find new and optimized smartphones with better specifications. As there is a war between brands, people are so confused while thinking about buying new smartphone.

Well talking about the technologies, there are so many new features available in the smartphone in the present time. Like figure print sensor, hybrid dual sim and many other technologies. However, people are not aware of what these new technologies are and how these stuff works. This is because while people buy this product, salesman or seller does not tell or give demo about these features. Technology geeks are very well known about these features, but normal buyers are not.

These technologies are new to the normal users and they do not know how to use them. Here are 4 top new technologies people are not aware of:

1.) Hybrid Dual SIM Slot:

This new feature is already got a big hit over internet. A single slot work in two different ways (either as a SIM slot or a memory card slot). This feature is merged in the sim slot. Smartphones released after June month have designed with this new feature. If you wish, you could remove the micro SD card and insert the second sim card there. It is that much simple as sliding out the slot, inserting the sim or memory card and put it back on the place. No hassles, no difficulty, all can be done within seconds.

This Hybrid sim slot have some limitations including minimum SD card storage. People need to insert minimum SD card storage to read them. Also one more con is the user can either use 2 SIM or 1 SIM and SD card. If you want to use both sims and SD card, then there is no way to do that.

Well this problem is considered by the smartphones companies and in solution they release smartphones with 128GB or 256GB of internal storage space.

2.) S-Bike Mode:

This feature is configured in Samsung’s new smartphones in J series like Galaxy J2. This feature tells the caller that the user you called is on bike and not able to attend the call and if the call is urgent than the caller can press 1, which allows the call to go through. This is one of the famous new features used in India.

How it works?

Quick Activation: The smartphone has in-built NFC hardware and the device has an S bike mode NFC Tag. Users can gently tap the smartphone on this tag to activate or deactivate the S bike mode. This one also has an option to use the quick panel and activate or deactivate the feature.

Urgent Call Alert System: The S bike mode in smartphone users does not allow calls or notifications to get through while a user is riding the bike. However, in case of emergency, a caller can press 1 to make a call.

Motion Lock: The motion lock feature in smartphone ensures that if a user decides to take the urgent incoming call, he brings his bike to a halt. The phone does not allow the incoming call to get answered during the motion lock mode.

3.) Lumia Pureview Camera:

Lumia Pureview is a range of premium smartphone cameras which was developed by Nokia for exclusive use in Microsoft Lumia range of smartphones. It is a camera technology that carries a high megapixel image sensor and combines it with on-chip image processors. As part of the acquisition of Nokia’s telephone devices and services business, Microsoft acquired the Lumia Pureview trademark. The name and all related imaging technology became the property of Microsoft. Now, the company is using the pureview camera technology in the new Lumia devices.

4.) SOS feature or Panic Button:

SOS is a new feature, introducing in the latest smartphone these days. This feature is being added in upcoming mobiles due to security concerns and can alert your family and emergency respondents to a potential situation.

If any person feels insecure (serious trouble), then he/she can just press a dedicated SOS key or Panic button of the phone. Thereafter, this feature will automatically send an alert to a set of emergency contacts or nearest police station and help him/her get rescued.

These are the 4 new features that are available with new smartphones launched after May and June month.


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