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Evoluent Vertical Mouse Driver: How To Use It

Updated on May 21, 2013

Get The Best From Evoluent Vertical Mouse Driver

An Alternative Mouse Needs An Alternative Setup!

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse will work fine out of the box, but if you want to use all the little gizmos, you need to install the Evoluent Vertical Mouse Driver.

You have high hopes that it will finally stop that pain in the wrist and maybe even prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) from happening again.

This article will show you how to get the best from your vertical mouse by adjusting it to your preferences.

Install Evoluent Vertical Mouse Driver

If you haven't already done so, then install the Windows or Mac driver for your vertical mouse.

For some reason, Evoluent only seem to include the driver on a mini-disc out of the box.

So if, like me, you can't put one of these discs in your machine, then go get the driver from Evoluent Vertical Mouse Driver Download.

When you're done, come back here to continue!

Installing the driver is as simple as running the downloaded installer and saying "yes" or "ok" to any prompts that appear.

Once you have done this, you should get a little green "E" appear in the task bar, to show that the Evoluent driver is installed.

You can hover the mouse over it if you want to see "Evoluent Mouse Manager 4.0" pop up.

P.S. You can plug in the vertical mouse without installing the driver, but some of buttons may not work and advanced options, such as programming the mouse, will not be available.

You can use your Evoluent vertical mouse without installing the driver, but advanced options will not be available.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse On Amazon

Evoluent VM4S VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection (Small Size)
Evoluent VM4S VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection (Small Size)

A smaller option of the vertical mouse, for those with smaller hands.

Evoluent VM4L VerticalMouse 4 Left Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection (Regular Size)
Evoluent VM4L VerticalMouse 4 Left Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection (Regular Size)

If you're left handed like me, then you'll want the left handed version.


Play With Your Vertical Mouse

I'm Not Kidding!

The vertical mouse, holds your hand in a completely different position to "normal" (or should that be abnormal?) mice.

Evoluent call it the "handshake grip", and deservedly so.

If you want to know more about why a "grip mouse" is a good idea then have a look at my Evoluent Vertical Mouse Review for more details.

You will need to spend some time getting used to it, so go ahead, play around with it.

Get a feel for the new hand position (feel good?), where your fingers rest on the buttons, and how it moves over the mouse mat or desk.

Next, look at the mouse pointer on screen and see how far it moves as you move the mouse around.

This should give you a good idea if the speed of the vertical mouse needs to be adjusted or not.

For example, if you move the pointer from one side of the screen to the other and you find the mouse collides with something on your desk, then it's a sure thing that the pointer speed needs turning up.

TIP: if your hand doesn't 'sit' well on the mouse (so that you're stretching slightly to get to the buttons) then get a mouse wrist rest to make it more comfortable.

If you are waiting for a mouse wrist rest to arrive, then pop a sheaf of paper or a book under your wrist to tide you over!

Vertical Mouse Pointer Speed
Vertical Mouse Pointer Speed

Adjust Your Vertical Mouse Speed

Now we get down to the nitty gritty and can start to make some changes to how the vertical mouse works.

If you are an RSI sufferer, the vertical mouse speed setting is, to my mind, the most important one to get right.

You won't find the settings directly from the Evoluent icon, but instead need to go to the standard mouse settings/control area on your machine.

On a Windows 7 system, this will be found by going to Start > Control Panel > Mouse

Note: the remainder of these instructions will be for a Windows system.

The screens may be slightly different on a Mac, but the principals should be the same.

When you first open it up, you will see a dialog with a complicated-looking screen tab labelled "Buttons".

Ignore that tab for the moment, and click on the tab labelled Pointer Speed (see the picture to the right).

Here you will see a slider for the pointer speed and a small checkbox to "Enhance pointer precision for small movements".

The speed of the mouse determines how quickly it will move across the screen (duh!).

But wait, there's more!

A high speed will get the pointer from one side of the screen to the other with a relatively small movement of the mouse (a good thing, no?).

However, it can also make it difficult when you need to do a small precision movement, when you can find the pointer jumping all over the place.

Conversely, a low speed can help with the precision movements but make you move your arm a lot more than necessary when you want to get your whole screen thing on.

This is going to vary a lot from person to person, the nature of the RSI symptoms you are experiencing, and what kind of things you do with your mouse while at the computer.

The trick is to experiment with this setting until you get a comfortable balance between precision and movement.

I would generally recommend that you keep the Enhance precision checkbox ticked.

It is probably also a good idea to start it on a slow speed and work upwards until you are happy.

There are other options on the Pointer Speed tab, but I will cover them later in a separate section.

For now, leave them untouched until you have gotten used to your new mouse!

Pointer Speed Button
Pointer Speed Button

Pointer Speed Shortcut

See the pointer speed button on the side of the mouse?

Have a look and you can see a 'rocker' switch next to (just behind) the main buttons.

You can use this to adjust the speed without having to go into the Mouse Manager.

You may also have noticed the handy indicator lights on the back of the mouse (where they face you): they're not just for show; they tell you the currently selected speed.

How cool is that?

Why did I show you the dialog first?

Because it gives you finer grained control if you need it.

...although 9 times out of 10, I use this button instead.

Mouse Wrist Rests On Amazon

If you need a wrist rest to go with your vertical mouse, why not try one of these?

Innovera Softskin Gel, Wrist Rest, Black (51452)
Innovera Softskin Gel, Wrist Rest, Black (51452)

This is the one I use: nice and comfy and no 'extra' mouse mat to get in your way.

This is obviously personal preference, but I always find mouse mats more trouble than they are worth!

Innovera Gel Mouse, Wrist Rest, Blue (51432)
Innovera Gel Mouse, Wrist Rest, Blue (51432)

Same as above, but in a cool blue.

Vertical Mouse Programmable Buttons
Vertical Mouse Programmable Buttons

Program The Vertical Mouse Buttons

Once you are used to the speed of your vertical mouse, you can try programming the buttons on the first tab of the vertical mouse driver dialog.

To be honest, I find that the default settings for the three main buttons are just right.

You get:

  • Button 1 (Forefinger) Click
  • Mouse Wheel Alternative click
  • Button 2 (middle finger) Double click
  • Button 3 (third finger) Right click

Button 1 can still be used as normal for a double click, but I find that Button 2 is a God send and its placement is perfect for me.

However, there are still two more buttons to be had here: the ones sitting on either side of the thumb rest.

With these buttons, I think you are much more likely to change the basic functions.

I have them set to:

Top button - "Back" in the browser

Bottom button - Secondary functions

Now this is really interesting. Well, at least it is to the geek in me!

If you set "Secondary functions" then the right hand panel comes to life and you can set different functions in combination with other buttons!

For example, I have this button set to minimise the window if it is clicked with button 1.

If you are really keen, you can even set up different buttons for different applications!.

I haven't gone that far with it, but as you can see, it is incredibly flexible.

You can go completely mad with it, although you may begin to forget which buttons you have set to do what!

If necessary, you can always click "Restore Defaults" to start again.

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Thanks for dropping by my article.

Did you find it helpful?

Let me know!

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    • Tim Bader profile imageAUTHOR

      Tim Bader 

      5 years ago from Surrey, UK

      @LiteraryMind: Thanks for visiting.

      If you're interested in more info, you may like my vertical mouse review and RSI prevention blog post!

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 

      5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      I have never seen one of these before. It looks as if it is worth a try.

    • Tim Bader profile imageAUTHOR

      Tim Bader 

      5 years ago from Surrey, UK

      @anonymous: Thanks Martin!

      Thanks for the visit and the encouragement!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Tim

      This looks great! Why did I never ask you to write the documentation at work?!

      Clearly an error on my part.

    • Tim Bader profile imageAUTHOR

      Tim Bader 

      5 years ago from Surrey, UK

      @anonymous: You're welcome. Glad you found it of use.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      great help!! thanks much


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