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6 Free Templates for Microsoft Excel

Updated on May 31, 2011

Use Excel Templates For Address and Zip Code Analysis

Microsoft Excel is a powerful analytical tool that has helped set the standard for both home and business software. Excel templates, which are pre-formatted and automated spreadsheets designed for a particular task, can get you up and running in no time doing anything from bond yield calculations to birthday card design. We're going to highlight here six (free!) Microsoft Excel templates that, working with our software CDXZipStream, will help you get and analyze location-based information such as addresses and zip codes. Just about every organization, from the largest corporation to the corner store to the newest non-profit, needs to manage customer, employee, and competitor location data, and these templates will help you do exactly that.

Optimize Driving Routes - Save Time, Money, and the Environment with Route Optimization

Whether it's a delivery route, sales call schedule, or any other multiple-stop driving route, optimizing the order of stops can pay big dividends in saving employee time and reducing fuel usage. Our free Excel template for route optimization utilizes both CDXZipStream and Microsoft MapPoint to identify the order of intermediate stops that results in the shortest driving time. Just enter the list of addresses for the route into the template, click a button, and the optimized route is returned to the spreadsheet, with total driving time, duration, and cost already calculated. This easy-to-use, economical approach allows for multiple copies to be deployed among field office locations and sales representatives, and since the template can be installed on a laptop and doesn't require internet access, it can work remotely, especially important for last minute route changes. And the optimized route can then be exported to a GPX file that can be used with many GPS systems. View the tutorial to see how easy route optimization can be, both as a cost-saving measure and green initiative:

Zip Code Radius
Zip Code Radius

Find Addresses or Zip Codes Within a Radius

Perform Zip Code Radius Analysis around a Target Zip

Zip code radius analysis can be a critical tool in targeting key customers and competitors, scheduling employees among multiple offices, or identifying optimal store and real estate locations. Just enter the addresses (or even just zip codes) of interest into our Excel radius analysis template, specify the target zip code and radius distance, and the template will automatically filter the addresses, showing only those falling within the radius around the target. Distance calculations are performed based on the centroid (or central) location of each zip code; since this is a very fast calculation, thousands of addresses can be analyzed within a few seconds. For a quick demonstration, please view the YouTube tutorial Zip Code Radius Analysis in an Excel Template .

Calculate Driving Distance, Driving Time, and Cost - Do Driving Calculations Easily for Long Address Lists

This template works with CDXZipStream and Microsoft MapPoint to calculate driving time, driving distance, cost, or total trip duration between two lists of addresses. There's no need to input addresses individually into Google Maps or Mapquest - just copy and paste your address lists into our driving calculation template, which will provide the desired output (time, distance, cost or duration) for each address pair. Input the same address for one of the lists if you need complete driving data around a single location. This is a quick and easy way to validate travel expenses. For a quick overview please watch the tutorial below:

Driving Matrix Template
Driving Matrix Template

Perform Driving Calculations for a Matrix of Locations

Get Distance, Time, and Cost for All Combinations of Routes

Driving calculations in our driving matrix template are expanded to provide data for all combinations of routes between two groups of addresses or zip codes, especially useful for performing feasibility analyses. The input looks like a matrix, with addresses across a row and down a column like the example to the right.

Driving calculations are performed for the routes between Address 1 and Address A, Address 1 and Address B, Address 1 and Address C, etc., until all combinations calculated. This is a quick and easy way to assign driving routes for delivery, taxi, or limousine services. You can view the tutorial Driving Distance and Time for a Matrix of Addresses for more information.

Get Latitude and Longitude (Geocode) Data - Geocode Long Address Lists

Geocode (latitude and longitude) data is now frequently used by businesses to help find and identify current and new customers. The advantages of using geocode data are many, including better accuracy, the ability to calculate distances between points of latitude and longitude, and compatibility with GPS (Global Positioning Systems), now a common feature provided with the iPhone, iPad and many other mobile devices.

Our geocoding template works with CDXZipStream and MapPoint to provide latitude and longitude data for address lists. It can also be used to verify the accuracy of mailing lists based on the quality of the address match to the MapPoint database. Please view our tutorial below to see how it works:

Latitude and Longitude Template
Latitude and Longitude Template

Reverse Geocode

Get the Closest Address for Points of Latitude and Longitude

Working with Microsoft MapPoint, our reverse geocoding template reverse geocodes by finding the closest address to a geocode (latitude and longitude) point. This can be extremely useful for processing points from a gps device. See how easy it is in our tutorial Reverse Geocode Template for Microsoft Excel.


Try It!

All our templates are compatible with free trials of CDXZipStream and Microsoft MapPoint. CDXZipStream has received numerous awards including the prestigious "5 Cow" award at We provide complete technical support for both trial and purchased versions. If you decide to buy, pricing starts at $39.95. Quantity discounts and site licensing are also available. Keep in mind CDXZipStream is not a subscription service - you buy it one time and purchase updates only if you need them - and if you aren't happy for any reason within 30 days after purchase, you'll get a full refund.

Bonus - Find the Closest Nuclear Facility - Use Zip Code Radius Analysis to Find Nuclear Plants in the U.S.

To demonstrate a practical application of our zip code radius template, we've input the locations of all U.S. nuclear facilities into the template, allowing for easy identification of plants that fall within a radius distance of a target zip code. See how our nuclear facility radius calculator works in this tutorial:

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      5 years ago

      Nice Share,

      thanks, I'm looking forward to test these templates. I like the videos!

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      6 years ago

      Here its only place where you can get free xbox points:

      its free and you can request for a new code every day :)

      i hope this help.

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      6 years ago

      Here its only place where you can get free xbox points:

      its free and you can request for a new code every day :)

      i hope this help.


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