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Explorer.exe Errors and Repair.

Updated on July 7, 2014

What Is Explorer.exe?

Explorer.exe is an executable file in the Microsoft Windows operating system. The explorer.exe file provides a graphical user interface or GUI that users can utilize when accessing and managing files on their system. Sometimes, the graphical user interface of the explorer.exe file is referred to as Windows GUI shell or Explorer.

The explorer.exe file is executed when the user double-clicks on the My Computer desktop icon and the one found in the Start menu. The explorer.exe file was initially used only to navigate or browse files, but as newer versions of Windows were released, it evolved to being a file management system that is task-based.

What Causes Explorer.exe errors.

Explorer.exe errors can be caused by many things and no article could possibly cover everything to help you pinpoint your particular problem. I will try to give you some avenues to explore as likely error causes. You will have to research them further according to your operating system.

Scan your computer.

Of course the first suspect would be an infection of some sort. Spyware, malware, or a trojan can severely disrupt your system causing errors of all kinds. So scanning your pc with a quality antivirus software should be the first thing you do.

Update your drivers

Another common cause of errors with the windows.exe file could be incompatible or outdated drivers. Drivers allow your operating system to communicate with any software or hardware that you are using on your computer. Your keyboard, printer, speakers, and webcam uses drivers installed on your pc to function properly. Make sure that your drivers are up to date and compatible with the operating system that you are using.

Check system compatibility

Just as much as non-compatible drivers can cause errors on your pc. Simply having the wrong version of an anti-virus software could cause errors on your pc and leave you vulnerable as well. By "wrong version" I mean a version designed for Windows XP when you have Windows Vista installed. Perhaps you installed a 32 bit version when you have a 64 bit system.

Clean your registry!

Any one or several of the problems above can cause errors in your registry. In fact the act of solving those problems can create redundunt files in your registry that can corrupt your system and cause future problems if not done correctly.The process of uninstallimg certain programs can corrupt your files and cause error messages and even computer crashes.

So what do I do now?

That's a good question.

Are your desktop shortcuts and icons visible?

If they are not, your explorer exe has either been turned off in your task manager or deleted from the C:/Windows directory. You will either have to turn the application on in your task manager or upload the original file back into the correct folder. I will cover this in later modules.

Do you only have an explorer exe error?

That can be a different story. In fact, that can be a nightmare to chase down compared to only having your entire desktop disappear.

I had the explorer error and it took me almost 2 days to chase down the problem. In the end I was trying 3 different things at once so I am not even sure what the actual cause was.

I had to check the drivers, the compatibility of the software and hardware, and the registry for malicious or corrupt files. A real pain in the ass. To beat it all my friend Zach (the computer whiz ) was out of town that week..

Well once I told Zach about all I had to do to my pc, he told me about a software called pc health advisor. He said it can do all that stuff and more.

I don't know if it will cure your errors, but I do know that it will solve 2/3 of the things that could cause those errors. It updates your drivers, it cleans your registry, it searches for malware and disables it before it can affect your pc.

Not to mention the fact that it will also increase your computer and internet speed through different processes.

CLICK HERE to see the site I joined and how you can also keep your pc optimal in its performance.

Exlporer.exe virus and trojans.

Since explorer.exe is such a vital function of the Windows operating system and starts on boot of your computer. Hackers have used it as an exploit for compromising your pc. The flaw is that Windows does not determine from which path the application is starting from. Therefore it may launch the first instance of explorer.exe that it encounters regardless of the file location.

Upon infection a duplicate explorer.exe file is created that includes the malicious code and may be placed in another file location. Your registry may also be edited to ensure that the infected file is called to run upon start up.

Explorer.exe is an application that is a vital part of the windows operating system and should never be deleted unless it is determined to be a malicious program. The proper location for this application is in the C:\Windows folder. Although in some versions of Windows it may simply be located in a subfolder called C:\Explorer.exe. If you find an application named explorer.exe in any other or more than one location it is more than likely a trojan of some sort.

Warning: The explorer.exe process is the central program for Microsoft Windows. If you stop this process your start bar and other features of the operating system will no longer work (until you reboot). If possible you should not terminate this process. When you find explorer.exe problems, don't repair them hastily and manually by yourself.


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    • profile image

      julianearle0 5 years ago

      Yes, i usually have this problem when some application begins to hang up and not responding, i got this one time experience that i 've waited for it the respond but end up wasting almost four hours with that, stupid me. That's why when i usually had this problem, i just pick up the phone and dial up this pc tune up service provider online to take care of it.

    • profile image

      KRaj_DST 5 years ago

      good read.. thanks

    • profile image

      Diluka999 5 years ago

      few days ago windows explore suddenly stop and restart after that randomly many times its occurred and i try to fix this problem use in many methods but its not fix plz i want some help about that problem

      i install 32 bit edition office suit but my laptop have 64 bit edition windows 7 its the trouble?

      and my explorer.exe icon haven't proper image its vires attack?