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Facebook Covers

Updated on February 29, 2012

Funny Facebook Covers

With all the changes in social networking that are happening and Facebook's latest design change, I want to discuss the trend of Facebook cover photos because people are experimenting with this feature to try and express their individuality.

I personally believe people spend far too much time with the quirks of social networking, like it is a competition to share amusing or cool things they find elsewhere on the internet in order to appear the most popular by receiving 'likes' and 'comments'.

However, without sounding like a kill joy, I do try to participate in the fun and post a good photo I have taken in my daily life occurrences. I wanted to include some of the most unique Facebook cover images I could find in order to inspire others to be more original!

Facebook Pictures

I did some extensive research in order to find some of the funniest Facebook cover photos which is difficult when you have to respect people's copyright laws, however, many people shared their own Facebook profiles on Flickr Creative Commons.

I particularly liked the profile above by Beth Kanter, being an animal lover like myself she has included a Facebook cover of a beautiful Boarder Collie and because I have a dog at home I like the fact that she is part of a charity for animal welfare.

Photo Courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg

Cover Facebook!

The second photo I found by a guy called Tran Dinh Khanh is particularly funny since he takes advantage of the overlapping area where cover photo meets the square profile image. I have seen quite a few people utilize this but I thought the specific action he is doing with his hand is hilarious!

Photo Courtesy of dinhkhanhdk

Funny Facebook Photos

Funny Facebook Photos can be seen all the time, the photo seen above is actually funny because it is so eccentric, I don't know if it is the actual person who owns the profile wearing the pink wig and fairy wings. The profile also appears to have a fake name 'Annie Mole' and a cartoon mole who looks similar to Penfold from Danger Mouse!

Photo Courtesy of anniemole

Facebook Pictures

Here we have the creator of Facebook himself sharing his cover art at a press conference! Mark Zuckerburg wanted to unveil his latest development because he is the 'icon' of the social network and if he says its a cool idea everyone will follow!

Photo Courtesy of dylan20

Facebook Picture

When you are choosing your Facebook cover art it is obviously a good idea to choose something which is personal to you, in the above photo Micheal Foley has chosen a distinguishing part of his appearance being his glasses. I like the way Micheal has given an extreme close-up and this shows to his friends that he has character and a sense of humor.

Photo Courtesy of foleymo

Funny Facebook Pics!

Here we have an example of somebody that has chosen a custom made Facebook cover photo, this can be good if you have the time to find a particular one and Craighton Miller has done just that with a Star Wars Storm Trooper displaying a humorous message.

Photo Courtesy of craightonmiller

Mellow Facebook Cover Images

Lastly I wanted to finish with one of the more popular types of Facebook cover image, Gavin Llewellyn has chosen a tranquil Sunset landscape of the seaside and this is what I plan to change my cover image to when I visit Cornwall this weekend! The choice of Facebook cover image usually portrays something about the type of person you are and is a strong form of asserting your identity.

Photo Courtesy of gavinjllewellyn


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