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Facebook Cover Photos

Updated on April 17, 2012

Choose A Facebook Cover!

I recently wrote the hub 'Facebook Cover' talking about how popular the new Facebook Timeline has turned out to be, there was a lot of controversy when it first emerged but you can see that a lot of people are now part-taking in the design and enjoying it.

Since my previous hub was popular I decided to write a new hub with some examples of Facebook cover designs you can use, I found it difficult to actually find designs which I could use here since I don't want to be contacted about content theft and therefore I research and have credited designs I found on Flickr Creative Commons.


Cover Facebook With Cool Photos

How many times in the past did you want to cover Facebook with all of your favorite photos and thought that the old profile design was a bit too white? Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to turn into every other social network or become like Myspace was but I like what Zuckerburg and Co have done with it recently.

Above is my number one quirky Facebook cover which I believe is cool because its taken the pixelated thumbs up icon and made it three dimensional.

Photo Courtesy of owenwbrown


Facebook Photo?

Of course you don't necessarily have to post a Facebook photo from your albums as your Timeline cover, you could also experiment with typography like this design. Since everyone wants to go with whats cool and look fashionable, why not look for some famous brand typography like 'Coca Cola' or 'Nike' and have that as your Facebook cover?

Photo Courtesy of smemon


Facebook Photos

If you can't 'Bear' to go with something cliche like a corporate logo, why not choose something cute from the animal kingdom if you love wildlife. Having one of your favorite animals is good because most people a cuddly bear or Pug dog...especially the girls!

Photo Courtesy of denalinps


Aurora Facebook Covers

An Aurora won't bore-a-list of your Facebook friends, they will think you are jazzy and the colors really stand out. This sort of picture could be suitable for ravers and scientists a like!

Photo Courtesy of denalinps


Facebook Photo Cover

Wolves make a cool Facebook Photo cover since they are obviously cute looking and there is also a trend at present which teens love and that is the 'Vampire - Werewolf' scenario and is seen in the popular film Twilight as well as the T.V series Vampire Diaries!

Photo Courtesy of denalinps


Angry Birds Cupcakes Cover!

For those of you gamer girls out there why not choose a novelty cupcake cover photo! thats right, some people are skilled at bakery and the photo of the cakes with the middle one half eaten makes for a distinctively cute piece of graphic design!

Photo Courtesy of shehal


Graffiti your Timeline!

Not fond of Facebook's slick corporate image? I have found something which will do just the trick, 'Overclassworks' comes up with really cool urban graffiti style typography but does it by digital artwork so your will not lose any of the resolution or the contrast which makes your profile look professional!

Photo Courtesy of overclassworks


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