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Facebook For Business Create Sustainability

Updated on July 14, 2013

Creating a Business Profile

Creating a business profile on Facebook is quick and easy and allows you to communicate with people all over the world, not just in your own area. Even if you have an offline business with an online presence via a website, although you may not get âcustomersâ from far away lands, if they click the âlikeâ button on your Facebook page, place on comments and generally interact with you, your business page will get more attention and will in turn help you with gaining more customers/subscribers locally.

You need to place a photograph of yourself on your business profile â donât use the default blue silhouette as this is totally unprofessional. Nobody wants to do business with a faceless person! If you donât have a professional photograph of yourself, you can have someone take a photo of you with a home camera. Your photograph or âavatarâ will reflect you and your business.

Updating your page or âwallâ on a regular basis such as advertising new products you have created or new additions to your online or offline store, will show as updates when your friends log in to their account. These updates can have them clicking to your page in a matter of seconds if theyâre interested or even clicking to your website to purchase the product. This is a great way to reach hundreds of people with updates to your page enabling you to grow your business quickly.

On Facebook, you are in control of who sees your profile and updates and privacy settings can be adjusted according to your preferences. If needed, you can also block those whom you do not wish to contact you.

Building a good reputation is essential in any business venture and Facebook can make or break you. Make sure therefore that you think through carefully what you post and also make sure you deliver on your promises. You have the opportunity of making a name for yourself in a short amount of time on Facebook â something that was unheard of years ago â so make sure you keep your fans and followers updated.

Creating a Business Fan Page

Creating a business fan page for your business is easy but takes a little longer to set up than your standard page. Adding videos, images, links and an autoresponder obviously takes time, just like setting up a website but a little quicker. There are also applications you can use to make your fan page stand out from the rest and we will discuss this later on.

Your avatar for your business page could be your logo or a 'copy' of your website.

If you take a look at other people's fan pages, you will soon get an idea of how to set up your own. For example McDonalds have their own fan page and by clicking the link 'local' on the left hand side of the page, you can search for your local McDonalds. As you can see from this page, the McDonalds avatar is bright and colourful and contains the McDonalds logo. Creating an avatar such as this one for your business is easy using your preferred paint program. The dimensions of this particular avatar is 180 pixels x 365 pixels. Once created, you can upload this image via your computer.

The larger image for the actual page will need to be hosted on your own website. This is a little more tricky to do but is still quite easy once you know how. The size of the image should be 520 x 700 pixels when creating in a paint program. To create a unique and interesting landing page, you can use the Facebook Markup Language (FBML). This will allow you to create tabs which are visible buttons on your page that represent apps.

McDonalds is just one example of a fan page and there are many others that you can find on Facebook. So take a look at them to get some ideas of your own. You will need to have a name for your fan page - usually your website or product name. You must choose your page name wisely as you will not be allowed to change it afterwards. Also, it's a good idea to include keywords in your page name considering that your page will be accessible to search engines such as Google. Then you will need to log in to Facebook and go to pages/create.php where you will find six options to start your fan page. Click on 'Brand or Product' and follow the instructions to set everything up.

Don't be frightened of getting creative with your fan page - there are a variety of applications you can use and you could also add an autoresponder, discount coupons for those who subscribe to your list, videos and polls - the list goes on and on. And even though you may already have these things on your website, using Facebook to create a fan page for your product is a great marketing strategy as it will get you even more traffic to your website and possibly more subscribers too.

Remember to make your page user friendly so as to enable your visitors to search through the information with ease. Underneath your profile picture, enter as much information that you can. Make your page stand out more by adding images and update regularly. Remember, the more you update your page, say two or three posts per week, the more chances you have of getting noticed. The idea here is to be consistent. You need to attract Facebook users with every aspect of your product and also send an update every day to fans. You need to create a presence which can be used to connect and get in touch with new customers so as to amplify your advertising.

Don't forget to include a link to your website and place contact details on your page. You need to make sure that people know where to find you and how to contact you. Whatever you do on your fan page will reflect on you and your business so always be professional in everything you say and do.

Sharing valuable information will get you noticed more than trying to hard sell people so don't make your posts sound like an advertisement. Furthermore, don't post promotional messages on other people's 'walls' - it's not nice, it's disrespectful and should be kept to your own wall. How would you like it if someone posted a message on your wall about their product? Your page and wall is for your own business, not other peoples.

Facebook Guides and Resources For Small Businesses

Facebook For Dummies
Facebook For Dummies

great place if you're 100% new to facebook

The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing
The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing

Has great tips that really helped me and my small business


Doing Business on Facebook

As previously stated, Facebook is not confined to making friends and finding family members. It has become a platform which initiates business, advertising and good relationships with customers and has become part of the daily activity for millions of people worldwide, either for personal use or for business. Facebook also offers diverse applications that can be used for both personal enjoyment and business purposes.

Those on your social network list can help you in doing business on Facebook. You can ask them to share photos and information regarding your business to other people who are not included in your list. This gives your business a wider market and all with free advertising.

Once Facebook users become a 'fan' of your fan site, their friends will be able to see this information on their 'wall'. This in turn can bring more people to your fan page, meaning more fans and more prospective customers. All you need to do is to make your page as interesting as possible so that other Facebook account users will be enticed to check on what you have to offer. If your product has a good reputation, you will reap great results and publicity among friends of friends. Thus your business will spread and become viral.

Companies who use Facebook for business purposes get a lot of exposure and traffic. In this age of internet and social media, doors have been opened around the world to assist those who want to start a new business simply and at low cost.

Get interactive with your fans or 'likers'. If someone comments on your page or post, hit the like button on what they have commented on and say a few words back, thanking them for their comments. Remember to always answer their questions and respond to any complaints there may be. By generally encouraging your fans to interact with you, you are showing them that you are a real person and not just out to take their money and run. This is one of the most appealing things about Facebook, allowing personal interaction with customers. Nowadays where everything seems to be automated, customers and prospective customers appreciate talking to a 'live human' rather than an automated customer service.

If people are happy to do business with you, they will tell their friends. This in turn could create astronomical growth for your business which could mean that you will have to outsource all of the individual contact if you cannot handle it yourself.

Giving away free products is a great way to promote your business and build a list of subscribers and potential customers. Make sure that you give away high quality products to show your subscribers the type of product you are selling. If your 'freebie' is high quality, your subscribers will be more inclined to purchase future products from you.

Marketing on Facebook

As previously stated, Facebook is the No. 1 choice of social networking sites for marketers and business owners. This makes Facebook a great way to get connected with many business minded people who see the potential of this website as a marketing tool. Once you have friends and social contacts on your list, it becomes very easy to increase and expand your business.

If you wish, you may also get paid advertising on Facebook for your business which will increase your business exposure.

As with any business advertising techniques, Facebook is against hard selling so the 'social networking' side of this is a great way to introduce potential customers to your business in a more friendly way. Those that trust you will trust your product.

Facebook pages also appear on search engines and even people who are not Facebook members can access these pages. As it is extremely easy to share things on Facebook, information on your product or business can spread very rapidly.

Whereas your personal profile has a 5000 friend limit, fan pages do not. This means that you could get hundreds of thousands of fans or 'likes' to your page. When someone hits the 'like' button, all of their friends will see it on their 'wall' which exposes your page to even more people and could lead to more subscribers and customers. Additionally, any and all posts made by you on your Fan page will also appear on everyone's 'wall' who is a fan or a 'liker'. This is a great way of getting your product or business to go viral, gain more subscribers and in effect, more customers.

Market research can improve any marketing strategy and by researching Facebook's demographics online you will find articles that give the results of case studies and demographic research. You could also use a search engine for this -type 'research Facebook demographics' without the quotes and examine the results. Furthermore, you can search Groups on Facebook in various markets.

Probably the best way to get information on your business to spread rapidly is the news feed. It is the central part of your Facebook page and where your updates and activity is posted and the first thing that people see when they visit.

If you join groups that are relevant to your business, you can participate by posting informative videos and links. You can also create a group of your own and invite others to join.

Facebook Apps

Probably the most important marketing strategy you can employ are the apps which is short for 'application'. This is software that enables you to set up interactive events such as contests. If you go to and click the link 'my apps' at the top of the page, you will be taken to another page where you will see a list of your applications for Facebook. If you don't have any apps set up yet or want to create a new one, hit the link 'create new app' and follow the instructions to set it up.

Here are a few of the applications that you might consider adding to your Facebook business page:


This app allows you to send messages to contacts and customers and you can either send individual messages or mass ones.


The Events app lets you spread the news about what's happening with your business. You can notify large numbers of people and update them quickly about an event and its details.


With the Badge app, you can link Facebook users to your website. It's also a good idea to have a "Find us on Facebook" button on your website too.

Networked Blogs

You can use this app to update your latest blog post in your profile feed.


You can customize your own applications on Facebook using the Platform app if you wish.


The Payment app allows you to upload your inventory to Facebook and sell your products from your page. Customers can purchase items through the shopping cart direct from your page and you even have the option of offering discounts to those who click the 'like' button.

Guides to Utilizing Facebook Apps

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