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Facebook for small business

Updated on August 30, 2017

Facebook Tips for online business

Facebook is one of the top social media web sites in Internet. As social media marketing is one of the less budget marketing strategies that is presently used by major businesses all over the world, it is important to know how to use Facebook for your business online.

This hub is a refresher provides some important tips to improve your business on Facebook and generate new leads for your business.

Facebook Business Pages
Facebook Business Pages

#1 Facebook Account for Small Business

First step in developing your business visibility in Facebook is to create you account in Facebook as an CEO or head of business for your company. Start inviting your friends and colleagues in Facebook.

If you are planning to start a Facebook account for your business, create a profile name that can be easily recognized by your customers. Don't go for big names and make it simple and easy to recognize.

create a logo of your business and add it to profile photo. This can also help your customers to identify your business profile very easily. Almost every company have their Facebook Communities of Facebook pages online

Facebook Fan Pages
Facebook Fan Pages

#2 Facebook Business Pages

Building credibility in facebook fans

Facebook Business pages also called as Facebook fan pages are one of the best ways to bring your business visibility in Facebook.

It is important to identify an useful Facebook Fan Page name so that your customers and future prospects can easily identify your business online. As search engines nowadays are indexing social media content, it is important for having a search engine friendly Facebook fan page so that it may reach top pages of search engines and customers can find your business easily.

I wrote a very useful lens in the link Facebook Page Tips, where I explained the importance of Facebook Pages for business and using them effectively. You can refer to my personal Facebook Fan page SriramRaj Facebook Fan Page

You can also hire experts in developing your Facebook Fan Page.Organize contests on your Facebook and Twitter Pages to keep your readers and customers engaged.

Do you have your Facebook Fan Page

Do you have your Facebook Fan Page

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#3 Facebook Page Tips from Experts

Useful Social Media Marketing books

As Social Media Marketing has received tremendous popularity in recent years, there are some useful books written by Facebook Marketing experts on improving your business visibility in Facebook.

Tips from experts bring more information on using Facebook effectively. Given below are some of the useful books which make a huge difference for your lead generation in Facebook

Facebook Marketing For Dummies
Facebook Marketing For Dummies

Useful Book on Facebook Marketing which can help you in improving your business visibility even if you are a beginner in online business

How to Use Facebook Business Pages
How to Use Facebook Business Pages

Another useful Facebook Marketing book that helps you in using Facebook Business Pages


#4 Facebook Business Page Tips

Tips to engage with Facebook followers

Facebook Business Page is one of the best ways to use Facebook for generating leads. Most of the small business online uses Facebook for lead generation using these Business Pages. Given below are some of the useful Facebook Marketing Tips for your business online

  1. First 30 Facebook fans are important:

    If you have 30 facebook fan page, then you can have facebook insights. Facebook Insights help you to track your facebook fan page visitors more easily thus tracking your customer base and thus giving your more ideas about improving your business. Create a SEO Friendly URL which is useful for tracking your business by your visitors

  2. Inviting new readers to Facebook page:

    It is always important to send invitations periodically to friends and customers to your Facebook Page. You can also add a facebook fan page link at the bottom of your posts and also a link in your business blog so that customers can easily reach your facebook fan page. Some business experts provide a free tutorial guide and generate leads or likes to their Facebook pages

  3. Add facebook Badge to your website:

    Create a Facebook badge for your fan page and add it in your business blog or website. This is one way to get more friends for your facebook page. If you see my blog SriramRaj Tech Blog, you can find my facebook page at the right side of the blog.

  4. Invite other friends and group members in social media sites to your facebook fan page:

    Invite friends from other social media sites such as twitter, LinkedIn to your facebook fan page. This increases interaction for your visitors from your blog. This also adds interesting content from people and increases interactions in your facebook fan page. It is very useful to connect your Facebook Business Page with your website blog and twitter.

  5. Increase your fan page popularity and generate leads for your business

    Start increasing your business popularity in fan page and use fan pages to generate new leads for your business.Facebook Marketing Experts can help you in bringing more business visibility and also generate quality leads online

Facebook Page Poll


How many Facebook Pages do you manage for yourself or for your business

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© 2010 Sriram Raj

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