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Facebook Landing Page Template

Updated on October 30, 2011

Facebook Landing Page Template - Why Your Business Needs One

If you are looking for a facebook landing page template resource then you've come to the right place.

I am going to show you exactly what it takes to create your very own and you'll soon realise it is quite straight forward. But first, let me explain what exactly a Facebook business page is and how you can get started.

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What is a Facebook Landing Page?

A Facebook landing page is one that is specifically designed to convert your visitors into "Liking" your business page. It is important to remember that unlike your personal profile these "business pages" are used to promote ones products or services - this means that any traffic that is being sent should have the highest chance to be converted into a "Liking" your page.

Why is it important to get a Like?

Putting aside the promotional aspect of a Facebook page, it's extremely important to convert your visitors into a Like because it means that you can engage with them on an ongoing basis.

When a visitors Likes your page, any updates you make to your Facebook page will appear on their news feed and can potentially be shared amongst that users friends list. Who knows, if your content is really awesome it can go VIRAL!

Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page

Which option is the right one for *YOU*

Feeling a bit confused about the two? Well let's clear that up...

Facebook Profile:

A Facebook profile is an account that you create for your personal use. It's where you can brag about how many coffee's a day you drink, or how excited you are about the superbowl, or post pictures of your new baby boy. Essentially it's a platform just for you and all things you.

If you'd like to find out more about Facebook Profiles then check out this page.

Facebook Page

On the flip side we have what is known as a Facebook Page, also referred to as Facebook Business Pages and Fan pages (older term). These types of accounts are those that are created for your brand, business, service or product.

It is where you can engage with your community, deliver compelling content and build a following of fans once your visitors choose to 'Like' your page.

It's a good idea to not confuse the two. Determine what your goals are and use the correct platform set-up where appropriate. If you need more information then check out the Official Facebook Page guide by going here

Create Your Facebook Landing Page Template

Follow these 3 Easy Steps and Get Started

Step 1

Open some kind of photo editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp or some other kind of software that allows you to create your very own graphics.

Step 2

Add an image of your companies logo or your personal brand. You will also probably want to include some copy that tells your visitors exactly what to do. In other words, have a specific call-to-action. A good example in this particular case, would be to have your visitors 'Like' your page to find out more or gain access to a specific offer that you may be providing.

Step 3

Type in the keyword iFrame into the Facebook search bar within your page dashboard. A list of different iFrame app providers will be shown. Select the Static HTML: iframe tabs app. Once you've selected this option you will be asked to authorize the app to be installed.

After the app is installed, you can then add your custom HTML code snippet to it and then you'll have your very own Facebook landing page template created.

Note: Remember to upload your code to your server or another hosting provider which will allow you to add your page. Once you add this and cross link it with your code snippet your page will display as intended.

Getting Your Facebook Vanity URL

Vanity URL? Yes, that's right! Making your Facebook page more vain is not a bad thing. If anything, it's a great thing!

Let me explain what this exactly means...

A Facebook Vanity URL is a URL that shows your business name in the following way:

But what's the big deal about a Vanity URL? Well if you don't have a Vanity URL then your link is a bit less readable, less attractive and less brandable.

Essentially it will look a little something like this:

Now, one thing I should point out is if you want to get you very own vanity URL you will need to have a minimum of 25 Likes to your Facebook Business Page. Once you accomplish that goal you can then set your URL to whatever you like.

I hope you found this lens helpful. Feel free to add your comments below and let us know if *YOU* have come across any other Facebook Pages resources.

Thanks for stopping by...

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