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Facebook Privacy Issues

Updated on April 4, 2012

Facebook privacy is a growing concern for the users of this social networking website .There are instances when students are suspended from schools or universities for updating rude statuses on their profile about teachers or when teachers are fired from ridiculing their students hairdo or using inappropriate language when referring to them.

In one case, the teacher out of frustration and anger termed the students as “germ bags” as she kept on catching illnesses from her students and referred to the parents as “snobby” and "arrogant" which lead to her being fired. The whole article regarding this can be found at

Whatever is the case, severe consequences are faced due to the privacy settings of Facebook which keep on changing from time to time. Both the students and the teachers when they updated their statuses were unaware that their status updates will be visible to the world and not only their friends.

The lines have become blurred for teachers with respect to their professional and personal lives. If that is the case then teachers can avoid such circumstances by making separate profiles for their colleagues and students and the other one for their family and friends. Also if they have one profile then separate groups for the colleagues and students should be made and when updating any statuses or uploading private pictures, they should be excluded from the list.

Firing in case of teachers and detention of students give rise to the issue of freedom of speech. An immature act done by student of calling his teacher a fat ass arises of how much freedom we all have.

Of the school property and after the school hours, school can in my opinion not dictate what teachers and student can and cannot do. When such disruptive behavior takes place during school hours then principals can take action but otherwise individuals should be free to express their opinion.

The law holds that students have a right to free speech unless they interfere with the learning process. Updating a status after school hours and that too from home, I do not think is a disruptive behavior.

Everybody should have freedom of speech and once in a while we should all check our privacy settings of Facebook to make sure that whatever we say is not visible to all and does not create problems for us.

Do you think students or teachers have a right to say or ridicule each other on Facebook ??

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    • cheek0o profile image

      cheek0o 6 years ago from UAE

      thanks for commenting icountthetimes

      yup indeed all the information is being used for marketing purposes.

      also it becomes very difficult to keep up with the facebook settings..they change the settings and make them as default,it recently happened with my security settings. If you see "www or http", instead of "https" that means the browsing is not safe and the facebbook had MADE http the default setting.

      the havoc facebook statuses have made in people's lives is unexplainable.

    • profile image

      icountthetimes 6 years ago

      I find it hard to keep on top of the latest facebook changes. There's always a change here or a tinkering there and before you know it someone is reading a status update from years ago that you have no recollection of. I do enjoy using Facebook but the platform and the user are at cross purposes. It's in Facebooks interest to keep all of your information and to share it as widely as possible.

      I'd love an option on my TimeLine to delete whole years worth of comments and updates because they're of little use to me now. That's never going to happen though, because they want to keep your information for advertising and marketing purposes. People really have to be careful what they say and who they allow onto their friends list. We should view it as a public platform and not think that what they're saying is in any way protected or just shared between a small group of people.

    • cheek0o profile image

      cheek0o 6 years ago from UAE

      Yes its definately a growing concern and we should all be careful about what we say rather than be sorry later.

    • profile image

      Christinefuri 6 years ago

      Facebook privacy is even becoming a issue on the job. I have a friend who was recently fired after updating her status saying that she hated her job after having a bad day at work.