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Get rid of facebook addiction - 100% guaranteed

Updated on April 17, 2014


The top reasons why you stay with facebook are

Why did Mr.Zuckerberg didn’t include a dislike button?

One of the thought provoking concepts regarding facebook is that why there is no dislike button. Had there been a dislike button for every status or image or video, there would have been chances for people to get upset with the number of dislikes they receive for their content, naturally providing them chances to leave facebook.


Wahoo!!! “500 likes for my dp!!!!” The mere uttering of the word “Likes” makes us think about facebook. Every person in the world normally wants to be recognized and “like” for an item in facebook makes them feel rewarded. This has eventually developed a competition between THE users to score more likes.

“hey hi waasup dude”

Some people in the world cannot just live without chatting with others and facebook provides a concrete means for it. Every social network has a chat facility but what’s special about facebook is that it does not allow other friends to view what you chat with them. The previous social networks missed this concept which makes people feel to have a secure feeling with regards to chatting.


Facebook recognizes even one word status like “Bored :-(” You can share whatever you feel with your friends by just a click of a button and wait for others to like your status and comment on that, “Yeah, I am also bored :-(”


It is the normal tendency of the people to comment on others’ status or photos and facebook provides a platform for sharing your ideas with regards to your friends’ photos or status and receiving back return comments.


Another addictive aspect of facebook is the facebook games. The games are chosen in such a way that it makes the users to come back to the website and play again. Almost all the games provide the users an offer with regards to the game to refer other friends. A competition is built between friends with regards to the game which makes the users to sit with facebook for hours together.


You can get yourself away from facebook only if you genuinely wanted to. This guide shall provide you best help to stay yourself away from facebook and have time for yourself.


  • Sssaabbbaahh!! Lots of work in office today. Let me relax myself with facebook
  • Let me just check how many likes I have got for my profile picture
  • I need to see if he has accepted my friend request.
  • Ooooh! She poked me. I want to poke her back.

All these are lame excuses and the primary reason for which you use facebook is because you feel LONELY. Facebook provides you an opportunity to stay connected and that is why you crave for facebook.


  1. You type first in address bar once you open your browser even without your knowledge
  2. You delete your account and two days later create it.
  3. Your notifications number is always less than 3.
  4. You share a lot of photos or videos with friends
  5. Go to your browser settings and scroll down the history and check out if facebook occupies the majority of it.


Follow the steps given sincerely and you are sure to witness a change.

Step1: Find what you are doing in facebook for hours together?

The usage of facebook differs from person to person. Some people often sit with facebook commenting on the pictures of others while some have the tendency of scrolling down to check for updates. Others use facebook for games while a majority of the users, use it for chatting. You need to find what you do in facebook.

This may work out for some people. Try for the first day

Triple the time you use facebook. If you use facebook for 3 hours a day, then use it for nine to ten hours. What happens ultimately is you get frustrated and you will not use facebook for the next couple of days.

Step2: Do what you do in facebook at a quicker pace

Do not be lazy with facebook. If you are constantly scrolling for updates, then scroll fast and log out. If you want to upload your photos, upload it in one tab, while checking for updates or commenting in other tab. This shall provide great help to recover from facebook addiction.

Step3: Indulge in some other activity that you like

The time that you save from facebook after “fast facebooking”, you can use it for many other activities. More often, the non-computer activities are preferred. You could do gardening in the meantime or go for playing or any other physical workout.

Step4: Keep a database of how much time you spend in facebook

Make a table in computer and update it every day how much time you spend in facebook and the reason behind it. This will help you track your progress.

Step5: Rate your day successful or unsuccessful

Every day that you spend less time compared to all other days, rate the day as success or if not, then make it an unsuccessful day.


8 hours
Chatting, Gaming, Updating
Unsuccessful day
7 hours
Chatting, Gaming
Successful day
6 hours
Lesser time for each activity
Successful day
5 hours
Comparitively lesser time
Successful day
5 hours
Same as previous day
Unsuccessful day
3 hours
Quick chatting and staying online
Successful day
1 hour
Checking only the updates
Successful day

Step6: Gift yourself for every positive day

The gift depends upon your own personal interest. It can range from just being a chocolate to something which you really wanted to buy. This will help in motivating you to spend lesser time with facebook.

The important point all through the process is to STAY HONEST.

This was how myself and my friends got rid of facebook addiction. Try it. It works.

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    • Seshagopalan profile image

      Seshagopalan Murali 2 years ago from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      Well that's a cool practice

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i don't hang out at FB everyday, just share the HP links and I am out off there!

    • Alice Lewis profile image

      Alice Lewis 4 years ago

      Such a timely post. Internet addiction and technology overload are real and growing issues. There is a great site called The Unplug Series which aims to help technology addicts, geeks and the overly wired world remember how to 'really' connect. I found their new study on "Taking Timeout from Technology" particularly interesting and relevant to this

    • Seshagopalan profile image

      Seshagopalan Murali 4 years ago from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      Thanks rixpro for spending time with my hub. I am glad to help you out of it. :D

    • rixpro profile image

      M A Y S Perera 4 years ago from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

      Keep a database of how much time you spend in facebook

      That's the point I like most in this post. Anyway this will going to work for me :D