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Is Facebook Android-Security Friendly

Updated on April 18, 2013

Is Facebook Android-Security Friendly

Is Facebook Android-Security Friendly
Is Facebook Android-Security Friendly | Source

Facebook Home- Android Smartphones

Is Facebook Android-Security Friendly

Is Facebook Android-Security Friendly

Facebook has been around the Internet for a few years and security of applications for social media is questionable. Do you know who is reading your Facebook information? Of course, you can’t securely answer that question. You just assume that the best has been done to secure your identity.

Facebook recently proclaimed in April 2013, that Facebook “Home” interface for Android phones was available. Why is there a worry about this? It appears that the privacy of this application always being on may cause a person to locate where you are at any given moment. There is renowned concern about this around the media as reported by

The idea of being followed by a stranger is scary to some consumers and rightfully so. Facebook has been a meet and great type atmosphere in cyberspace for years. Has it now come time to delete our profile?

Here is a few facts:

Facebook responded that they had received inquiries about how the program “Home”. The article says that Facebook just makes the Android phone into a social setting that is on the move. In other words portable Facebook, Home is basically no different than using it on your personal computer.

One reason for the privacy affecting the user is that Facebook has never admitted to having any privacy issues with their program. Facebook goes on to mention that once consumers are informed about a new change in programming they do not address any privacy issues that could be open to unwanted publicity. This is common for any type of security issue with this program.

The next fact is that even if Facebook tried to smooth over any issues with security that people start to feel uneasy anyway. It is change that tends to startle the masses.

Does Facebook have something to hide? You will just have to take their word for it and use this application with caution. There is no alarm as far as this company sees things with the new Android phones.

Therefor why is there so much worry about security and location of a person using this new “Home” with an Android phone? It would appear that Facebook turns a cheek when questioned about any problems like this arise. It would be appropriate for Facebook to acknowledge their shortcomings if there, in fact, is any.

In fact, this is what Facebook has to say about the new Facebook Home App that is used on select Android smartphones. Facebook cannot collect information from beyond this Home App unless you’re using the HTC First phone. While it can trace which app produces statements, yet not the subjects of the statements. Confusing a bit from a lay man’s point of view. What it also does is tracing your location and actions while in the Facebook Home App.

The idea of security must be taking on a new meaning as you use this new Home App it might be wise to turn off the Home feature and further use the regular Facebook program. Here is more information straight from the Facebook site about the safety and usage of this controversial new feature for Android smartphones. Info is right here. Again, is Facebook for Android a security friendly product?


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