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Fastest Wireless Router

Updated on April 23, 2015
5 stars for Edimax WK-2078AC Wireless AC1200 Dualband Router

Wireless AC Routers

Looking for the fastest wireless performance possible? I am guessing that you may be into gaming, video streaming or just plain tired of a slow wireless connection. Well you are not alone.

First let me just state that you would do yourself an injustice to purchase anything but an AC router (The AC I refer to is not the power source but the wireless standard which it runs on). AC mode is the latest wireless networking standard to address the shortfalls of the Wireless N. Wireless networking equipment running AC is becoming more widely available and quite frankly AC routers just stomps all over the performance of even the best Wireless N routers.

Wireless AC is literally the fastest thing to happen to wireless home networking ever! It is 3 times faster than the fastest and more common Wireless N routers. At the same time it is always backward compatible with Wireless G and N devices so that everything you have connected in the house now will still work.

So the real question comes down to this...

What is the fastest wireless router of the AC routers currently available?

With out further delay, I present that router to you now.

The Fastest Wireless Router

The Edimax Wireless AC1200 Dual-band router is currently the fastest wireless router available.

This is not my opinion. The outstanding performance of this particular router is coming from two very creditable sources. First, with the router manufacturer itself. Edimax itself has stated that it is proven that the Edimax Wireless AC1200 wireless router with included AC wireless adapter is 1.6 times faster than other brands of AC routers.

Let's not just take Edimax's word on it.

PC Magazine reviewed the Edimax AC1200 and stated that the "Edimax's AC1200 Wireless Concurrent Dual-Band Router clocked the fastest throughput we've ever tested among routers".

At this point you should know that this little baby is proven to be screaming fast and has reputable claims that to take the title of being the fastest wireless router ever.

Connecting using the Wireless AC mode, you would need a AC Wireless adapter. AC emerged at the end of 2012 and is still relatively new. With that being said, integrated AC adapters are not too common inside consumer devices shipping at this time. As time goes on we will see more computers, tablets and smart-phones shipping with 802.11AC technology.

A wireless AC adapter is included with the router.
A wireless AC adapter is included with the router. | Source

What if my computer does not have a Wireless AC adapter?

Without an AC wireless capable adapter, your computer will connect by the fastest speed that device can support, most commonly Wireless N or G. If your computer does not have an integrated wireless adapter capable of running AC and you want to take advantage of the blazing fast speeds, if it has a USB 3.0 USB Port, you can easily add an external AC wireless adapter.

Having a matching brand adapter to the router in most cases results in a faster throughput. So in short, go with a matching brand adapter, in this case the Edimax AC1200 USB adapter.

The router bundle we are featuring includes one.

Edimax AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band Router and Adapter Combo

It's the verified top performing Wireless AC router.
Edimax AC Adapters need for PC to reach maximum performance.
A wireless AC USB 3.0 Adapter is Included for your computer. Adapter has a fold out antenna to help boost signal strength.
Visual appeal is lacking on the router and adapter and it only comes in white.
It's an inexpensive Wireless AC Router. It is less than most AC routers that do not include an adapter.
No Parental Control features.
Secure Guest Network. Let's your guests connect to your wireless without giving access to you networked computers files and folders.
Has VPN Passthrough. If you work from home and connect to an office network by VPN, you would benefit from this.
Push Button on router and adapter for fast and easy connecting (WPS)
Has iQOS or Inbound Quality of Service. That means that it gives priority to gaming traffic, video and other streaming content over all other traffic.


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    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Nice review of wireless router.

      Voted up.


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