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Websites I Can't Live Without

Updated on January 29, 2016

Some Websites I Just Have To Visit Often

Everybody loves the Internet. Well, almost everybody. I think it's safe to say that if you're reading this right now, you're one of the people that spend time on the Net every single day. I know the Internet plays a big part in my life and if you're like me, you have your favorite websites that you go to on a regular basis for whatever reason. Well, this is a list of my favorite, useful websites, my "go to" sites that are my first choice for whatever need I have at the moment. You will see a lot of sites that are familiar to you, but you also may discover some new ones. Check on down the page and you'll also find some sites that have no particular use at all except they are fun, unique, weird or otherwise interesting to visit, so I invite you to explore this page and have some fun.

Websites I Just Can't Seem To Do Without - Well, I couldn't make a favorite websites page without including the very site we are on right now. I love making pages here on Hubpages and if you would like to make some like this, sign up and make your first page today. It's easy and fun. - What can I say? Google rules. Even though they want to track your every move, it's hard not to make use of their services, not only for searches but I also adsense, gmail, blogger, etc. I'm tellin' ya, google's taking over the world... - If you don't like Google and other search engines tracking all your searches (and every other move you make online for that matter), try out this secure and private search engine that uses Google's algorithm but blocks their tracking. - Not my only source of information but usually my first choice just because it's so extensive. If you want information, most likely, you can find something here. - Another invaluable reference website, quick to access when writing online. Not only a dictionary but a thesaurus, encyclopedia, translator and more.

The World Clock - Want to find out what time it is in Sidney, London or Anchorage? Check out the world clock.

eBay - Everybody knows about ebay but I check this site when I'm looking to buy something. Not just used stuff either, you can find deals on brand new items here as well.

The Internet Movie Database - THE source for movie and TV information. Want to know every movie an actor has been in? Or the name of that actor you saw in a movie? The answers are here. Very extensive movie database.

Snopes - It has annoying popups and ads but it's still an invaluable resource for verifying those urban legends and emails of seemingly outrageous stories that show up in our inboxes everyday. While it may not be the final authority, it is definitely a reference source. - If I need a recipe for something, I can usually find it here. Easy to search and easy to print out recipes as needed. No need for cookbooks with this website around.

Project Gutenberg - Free ebooks for you to download. They presently have over 36,000 books available and are digitizing more every day, all free. - My first stop for shopping online. Good service and free shipping on most orders over $35 and the fact that they have just about everything in the world has me hooked. Many times I find what I'm looking for cheaper than I can buy it locally too. - This site is the best place to advertise just about anything and the best part is it's FREE. I use it and peruse it regularly. - Yes, I'm hooked. Whenever I go here to find a video, I end up spending more time than I intended because I find so many other related videos. It's addicting but fun.

cnet - The best place on the Net for freeware, shareware and hard to find software. If you can think of it, it's probably here, ready to download. Secure and reliable. - Convert just about anything to anything else, gallons to liters, inches to centimeters, pounds to kilograms, etc. Very quick, very handy. - The name says it all. If you want to know how something works, you can probably find out here. A fun site to explore.

Other Websites That I Have Bookmarked

I don't visit these sites as often but they are still very good to know about and very useful. - Want to find out where the cheapest gas prices are in your area? Check out this site. If you join, you can post prices you see while driving around to help keep the site updated. - So that new computer you just bought doesn't have Microsoft Office Suite on it, huh? Don't fret, Open Office has a whole suite of Office compatible programs that you can download for free. That's right, I said free. View those PowerPoint shows or open Word documents, Excel worksheets, etc. without having to buy a very expensive program from Microsoft. - Find the answers to your medical questions. It's not a replacement for a doctor's visit but this site has a ton of medical information and can even help you diagnose possible problems by inputting symptoms. - The time standard for the U.S.

Do Not Call List - This is the National Do Not Call Registry for the U.S. If you don't want to get those annoying telemarketer calls, just register here and it will be illegal for the telemarketers to call you. If they do and you report them, they can get fined or shut down. Of course if you have a way of handling telemarketers like the guy in the video below, you might not want to make use of the no call list...

NOAA National Hurricane Center - When I lived in Florida, I used this site to track the hurricanes that were coming across the Atlantic. This website has great satellite imagery for tracking storms and a wealth of useful weather information.

Educational and how to sites

Great sites for the DIY'er - Great documentation of people's projects and "how to" website. I just read the one on how to build your own teardrop camper trailer. Nice detailed build with lots of pictures. I think I could build one myself...

Crazy Fun Stuff and Various Time Wasters

OK, I won't admit I spend any time on these sites. No... Somebody just told me about them... I hear some of them can be very addicting.

Falling Sand - I know, sounds boring right? I'm not going to tell you about this. You'll have to find out yourself. Try not to spend too much time playing with it.

Fly Swatter - Yep, that's what it is... - A website dedicated to odd tourist attractions throughout the United States. Can't wait to see Stark's Vacuum Museum...

News of the Weird - Weird news stories you probably won't find in the mainstream media. - Links to just about everything... - The genie that reads your mind. Think of a famous person and answer the genie's questions and he'll figure out who you're thinking of. - Want to see what the Hubble telescope is looking at? There are some really spectacular images from deep space on this website. Great wallpaper for your desktop.

Give Me the Word - Did you find this hub fun or interesting? Feel free to comment below.

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    • porthose profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a great list of websites that I am not familiar with. I definitely wrote down some of these links.

      Thank you

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 

      9 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      What a wonderful list. I'll be back to use some of these links. Thank you.


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