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Five Fine Tip Stylus Tools or Pen for almost any Tablet Touchscreen

Updated on March 28, 2013

Take more Accurate Notes and Make Better Drawings with a Fine Tip Stylus

A good fine tip stylus can be a great asset whether you are in class or use your stylus often at work. With a quality tool like the five stylusses listed here, working on your touchscreen devices will be a pleasure again. You will take more accurate notes, and make better drawings, faster. At the same time your screen is safe because of the soft tips. Stop being annoyed with yourself and the cheap stylus you have and experience what you can do with one of these:

Short but Sweet

This is a very nice set of short little pen. One with a capacitive stylus at the end and the other a fine ball pen. They work on iphone 4 and 5's and a whole host of different tablets. The stylusses write very nicely. The screen responds perfectly. If you want a short and compact pair of very responsive tools this a great pick.

Professional Looking Tool

This stylus works on all capacitive touch surfaces. It has a soft durable fiber tip which gives a great writing experience. The tip is even retractable to keep it in great shape for much longer. If you need a good trustworthy and professional looking tool for taking notes, drawing and turning pages on your touch screen devices this is a good buy.

Fantastic Stylus Experience

Unfortunately not the cheapest stylus out there. However you do get value for your money. It's a pen at the same time. For me that's great because I'm always looking for either one or the other. With this I have the right tool right there all the time. This is a very professional looking stylus/pen. It gives what I can't describe otherwise then as a fantastic stylus experience and it's a more then solid pen.

Responsive and Smooth

This is a very nice soft tipped stylus that is conducive as well. It has a nice clip so you can very easily clip it to the case of your ipad or clip it in the pocket of your shirt. This stylus is really a big step up if you are used to a cheap stylus. It is a lot more responsive and smooth in operation. Using it is a delight whether you are writing, drawing or just browsing.

Virtuoso Pro Fine

The Kensington fine tip stylus works on a lot of different touchscreens. It's sophisticated design whether you love black or white is very professional. You can clip it easily to ipad cases or to your shirt pocket. The accuracy and responsiveness of this stylus is not matched by many tools I've used. It is effortless to use and very accurate. A perfect choice if you take a lot of notes and draw occasionally.


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