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Top FireFox 3 Addons

Updated on July 9, 2011

Best Firefox 5 Addons

The firefox is of the best web browser available.Its famous because of its stability ,security,customizability.The features it makes other browser far better is customizability with wide range of addons.The fact is that anyone is free to create addons for firefox for any of there purpose.Then these people can distribute it.

List must have forefox addons


This addon helps to download videos from youtube and some 100 sites in a fast way.


Its a great download manager.Which is a best option espicially in case of linux where good download manager are less.It allows multiple downloads,pausing downloads etc .

3)Pdf download

It can convert webpages to pdf u can save webpages u in a compact way.

4)Ad Plus Block

Annoyed with pop ups.This addon blocks addons and ensures a smooth web experience .

5)Google tool bar.

This lets u search net without going to and have many other features like book marks,access gmail etc.

6) Piclens

Allows you to surf online photos and videos in a 3d manner.which is really a must try experience.but its not available for linux.

7)Scribe Fire

This is addon to help blogger and hubber.We can acess our blog or hub,while surfing through other site .

8)Fast Dial

Its a feature borrowed from opera,which will display ur favourite sites in small windows on web browser


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