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Five Reasons Why Macs are Better than PCs

Updated on June 8, 2012

Which is better Macs or PCs? The debate rages across the Internet with fanboys and fans pounding away at the keyboard in forums about computers. The delusional Microsoft fanboys attempt in vain to assert their platform as the best through rabid name calling. The reasonable Macintosh fans calmly demonstrate the superiority of Macs using facts and evidence rather than manufactured dreams. In the end, regardless whether you're one of the delusional or reasonable, it's clear the Mac is superior and here are five reasons why.

1. Macs Just Work

As any Mac user can tell you, Macs just work. You plug in your digital camera, and automatically iPhoto appears ready to save your images to the computer. Got a new external hard drive? Just plug it in, and you're good to go. The reason plug-and-play on PCs became know as plug-and-pray is because PCs only work after plugging in the device roughly 32 times, reinstalling the drivers 6 times, and rebooting 12 times. PCs don't just work. Macs do.

2. Macs are Secure

PCs users have to install at least 5 software packages for anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti whatever new security threat appears on the horizon. The fact is Macs are more secure. Viruses? Yeah, Macs don't catch colds. Trojans? There's like one recorded instance of a trojan in the wild. One. How many exist for PCs? Thousands! And with the base system built upon a Unix variant, it's clear the security model for Macs is more secure.

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3. Macs are Easy to Use

Your 75-year old grandmother can sit down and begin shopping online within minutes. Before you know it, she'll be creating home movies in iMovie, jamming out to Mozart with iTunes, and hitting you up on Google+. With a PC, she'd fumble around closing 500 pop-up windows thanks to spyware, receiving cryptic error messages that not even Microsoft employees understand, and becoming frustrated within minutes. Moral of the story? If you love your grandmother, get her a Mac. If you never want to talk to her again, get her a PC.

4. Macs are Hard to Use

The number one complaint from computer geeks about Windows? It's not designed for power users. They want more power and more control. Windows was designed to remove the power from the hands of the user to make it easy to use. They failed. Macs, on the other hand, have a beautiful easy to use interface with a fantasyland of tools underneath for the power users. Those in the know can tweak just about every aspect of their system with a Mac.

5. Steve Jobs vs. Steve Ballmer

While he might have recently passed away, Steve Jobs was a masterful visionary. He founded Apple, and then resurrected it from the grave. The products he created had to be perfect by his standards, and those standards were high! He always had the users in mind. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, well just have a look for yourself.


This hub was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. For PC fans on the verge of a heart attack, it's a joke. For Mac fans who have become more secure in their smug sense of superiority, it's a joke. Relax, laugh, and enjoy the platform of your choice.


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    • profile image

      OneRandomGuy 5 years ago

      1) Macs just work.

      I have been using pc´s since i was a kid and the last time i had a blue screen was with my old pentium with windows 95.

      2) Macs are secure

      I have never gotten a virus on my PC´s nor had problems related to them and i only use an antivirus. I will not even get into the whole MAC not getting virus because of having access to like a 10% of the software out there.

      3) Macs are easy to use

      What is easy or hard to use is relative and depends on the person really. I know people who can´t use pcs and people who can´t use macs.

      I will not even adress the last two points since they are just opinions.

      You know, i like MACS when i have to do movie editing and art related work, i do not hate MACS at all, but your article is a horrible, biased mass of exagerations and PC bashing.

      You are the kind of MAC user that makes PC users hate you all.