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A Review of the Best Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Updated on December 9, 2014

The Best 5 Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Fixed frame projector screens have graced our homes for some years now and they continue to do so because they just get better and better in both build quality and image reproduction. The Fixed Frame Projection screens here benefit from being made by manufacturers that believe in constantly enhancing their products to reflect the technological advances we have today like HD TV, Blu-ray, DLP and 3D.

As you might expect in a list of the top 5 fixed frame projector screens, we have screens from names such as Da Lite and Stewart Screens who have both been credited as forerunners in the quality projection screen market. In addition, some relative newcomers such as Elite and Screen Innovations are also producing stunning screens and you'll find them here.

These five fixed frame projector screens represent the perfect jive of performance and quality that we should look for in fixed frame projector screens to optimize the potential of our home theaters and create the ultimate movie or gaming experience at home. Each screen offers great value for money plus stunning image quality and is highly rated by those customers that took the plunge and bought one.

Elite Screens Silver Frame Fixed Frame Projection Screen

From the Elite line of fixed frame projection screens, this is one of the best for the ultimate home theatre experience. For less than $300, you get the coverage of an 84” diagonal screen with a flat tension screen surface. The 2.25” brushed aluminium frame makes it seamless with the rest of your room and doesn’t distract from the movie.

Also for your viewing pleasure, the screen is black backed to eliminate light penetration. And since it’s a permanent wall-mount screen, the sliding wall mounts plus easy to hang brackets ensure that your installation is properly centered and secure.

Available in screen sizes 84", 92" and 100".

Elite Screens EzFrame Fixed Frame Projection

Another superb fixed frame screen from the Elite line is the EzFrame Home Theater Screen. It is noticeably stylish with its anodized 2.36” black aluminium frame and pro-trim black velour surfacing, which is helpful in absorbing any light overshoot. This 100” diagonal Cine White screen has true-flat tension screen surface and is also black backed to avoid light penetration.

Elite's range of EzFrame screens are extremely popular and are always rated highly by their owners. Screen sizes are available from 84 inch to a whopping 200 inch.

Easy to install and comes at a third of the price of other competing brands, the EzFrame, like all the Elite Screens, is best paired with the Optoma HD20 projector for the best viewing experience.

Screen Innovations HDTV 110 Matte White 1.1 Theater Sensation Fixed Screen

Screen Innovations’ fixed frame projection screens are all about controlling the texture, color and gain for the best image quality. The Fixed Sensation has a 1.1 Gain that provides sharp and vibrant image quality, commonly used in movie theatres today. Its T-line tensioning method ensures optimal projector focus and avoids the most feared screen sag.

And if your audience is bigger than expected, the screen’s wide, 178-degree viewing cone works well with the widest of seating arrangements. It is an easy install and the slide mounting system allows over 7 inches of horizontal adjustment. This product is obviously for the home theatre connoisseur.

Da Lite Cinema Contour Fixed Frame

Well-made is what best describes the Cinema Contour Fixed Frame. The 45-degree angle cut frame gives a stylishly modern appearance provides an impeccably flat surface for video projection applications.

The screen is made with a pearlescent fabric that boasts of brighter images without compromising image quality or resolution. Its pro-trim finish is not only easy on the eyes but absorbs the light surrounding your viewing room or area. It is available in sizes 60” - 240” diagonal in video format and 92” -159” in HD format. This Da-Lite product is absolutely dramatic in its appeal.

FireHawk: Luxus

Stewart Filmscreen's Firehawk range has been known to be the go-to line for the most meticulous home theatre aficionado. The Luxus Screenwall is one of the most popular fixed frame projector screens in the Stewart Screens range and it remains true to its brand in terms of quality and image projection. This FireHawk Lexus has a 110” diagonal and is in HDTV format, but they are available in a wide range of screen sizes from 60 inch - 161 inch and in 3 different formats: 16:9, 4:3 and 2.40:1.

Its ½” square aluminium tube is both a frame and projection overscan border that comes in a standard Velux black velvet applique perfect for this purpose. The screens have been meticulously handcrafted and are seamless up to 40”x 90”. Another big plus: the screens come in a perforated, acoustically transparent version. Firehawk: Luxus is the sure way to fly when your entertainment needs are beyond the average.

While opinion on movies is relative to the watcher, the experience of enjoying a movie itself is basic: good image and sound quality, little to zero interruption and comfort. Fortunately, these fixed frame projector screens understand the very core concept of home theatre.

So pop some extra popcorn and stock up on the soda—these fixed frame projector screens are incredible in their visual capabilities and will undoubtedly keep you rooted in your seat. With high quality image reproduction and seamless video reception, you'll definitely get the experience of that next big movie blockbuster - at home.


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    • iriegirl profile image

      iriegirl 7 years ago from Jamaica


      I use an inflatable projector screen. Its easy to use and great. I enjoy watching movies so this is a great piece of equipment for me and my family.

      Great info.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for this wonderful hub with great selection and comprehensive description.