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Best Cheap TV Wall Mounts for Flat Screen LCD 2014

Updated on February 21, 2014

Buy Cheap TV Wall Mounts Online and Get a Discount

So you just purchased your brand new TV and now it's probably sitting on the default stand it came on. It looks great, but it could look better, if it were only on your wall.

You head off toward the store, only to learn that even their cheapest wall mounts are over $80. For their best wall mounts the store wants you to pay over $200. That's probably 20-50% of what you paid for your flat screen TV! I've listed some of the same wall mounts for under $75 below.

Don't Fret! As someone who has worked in various electronics and retail stores through the years I know firsthand that electronics stores make all of their money on accessories. This is why you should not only purchase a wall mount online but all of your other electronics accessories online as well. You can get the same accessories for a fraction of the price.

Best TV Wall Mount
Best TV Wall Mount

Wall Mount Weight Limits

Most wall mounts come with a weight limit number. You'd be surprised to know that most wall mounts are for 32-55 Inch HDTVs (some up to 60 inch). This just means that generally speaking a wall mount that would work for your smaller 32 inch TV is sturdy enough to hold that 55 inch flatscreen TV of yours as well. Remember that the weight of your TV is more important than the size.

When you are looking for a wall mount you want something that is going to be reliable and hopefully cheap. The wall mounts listed below fall into both of these categories.

Full motion or standard tilt?

Wall mounts come in a variety of motion categories from standard tilt (it just moves up and down a bit) to full motion (basically you can move it in any direction you would like to). In general, the more motion that you want from your wall mount, the more you should expect to pay.

Best 32, 32, 55 Inch HDTV LED/LCD Wall Mounts - My Picks...

Amazon has a wide variety of flats creen wall mounts available. Most of these are at up to just 20% of the cost that you'd find these at the store. My pick for the best 32-55 inch wall mount is the Cheetah Plasma, LCD, Flatscreen TV articulating full motion dual arm wall mount.

This amazing wall mount can hold flat screen TVs weighing up to 165 pounds! It also gives you the flexibility you need while in your home. I use this in my open living room and dining room. It's easy to swing it to the left when I want to watch the TV while I'm eating dinner.

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