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Flip video camera alternatives

Updated on March 3, 2013

Is the Flip video camera still the best?

There are no arguments, the Flip video camera is very good. However time and technology have moved on and there are several other pocket camcorders available, all of which are trying to steal the Flip video camera crown.

With so many different pocket camcorders available choosing the right one is not an easy decision, however this lens has been drafted to help. If you are lookig for a worthy Flip video camera alternative make sure you check out this lens.

Flip camera review

Not entirely sure what the Flip is or what it can do? Check out this hands on and in depth review, courtesy of Youtube.

Review of the Panasonic HM-TA2K camera

The Panasonic HM-TA2K camera is an excellent product. Don't believe me? Want more evidence? Check out this hands on and in depth review of this awesome little pocket camcorder, courtesy of Youtube.

Samsung W190

Samsung W190 5.5MP HD Pocket Camcorder Red
Samsung W190 5.5MP HD Pocket Camcorder Red

The Samsung W190 pocket camcorder is a wonderful piece of technology. It is small, tough, rugged and very durable. Since this pocket camcorder is fully waterproof it can safely be used in all weather conditions without fear it is going to pack up. It takes a little over one and a half seconds from turning the Samsung W190 on to being able to shoot some video footage therefore it is very quick which means you will never miss an opportunity.

The underwater feature is pretty cool and the picture quality is surprisingly good. With the Samsung W190 I can record the kids messing around in the pool and the colourful fish and marine life I come across when on my summer beach vacations.

The Samsung W190 uses micro SD or SDHC cards, which you have to buy separately, although these cards are readily available and not very expensive at all. A 16gb card will hold 4 hours of footage shot at 720 or 2 hours shot at 1080.

Overall the Samsung W190 pocket camcorder is very good and well worth looking at if you are in the market for a small pocket camcorder.


Samsung W190 pocket camcorder review

Want to see an in depth and hands on review of the Samsung W190? Check out this video footage, courtesy of Youtube.

Nerf pocket camcorder

Nerf Pocket Camcorder - Yellow (38056)
Nerf Pocket Camcorder - Yellow (38056)

The Nerf pocket camcorder is the new kid on the block. The Nerf is bright yellow, and the same colour scheme as other Nerf products including the Nerf MP3 player, Nerf walkie talkies and Nerf digital stills camera to name but a few. At first glance the Nerf pocket camcorder doesn’t look too great. The Nerf is small, light and powered by 3 AAA batteries.

If you are on a tight budget and want something better than a cell phone to capture video footage the Nerf may be the ideal product for you. The picture and sound quality is acceptable, although not as good as that of other pocket camcorders. Given the resolution of the Nerf as well as the exceptionally low price compared to the rivals the decreased picture and audio quality is to be expected.

If you are serious about shooting some Youtube footage the Nerf isn’t going to cut it for you as the picture and sound quality just isn’t up to scratch.

You may wonder why I have bothered to include the Nerf pocket camcorder in this lens right? Well, the Nerf is exceptionally cheap and is the ideal pocket camcorder for kids and aspiring Spielbergs. I bought my young nephew a Nerf and he loves it and has learned to capture some very good footage. It is a very cheap solution for beginners.


Nerf pocket camcorder review

For a brief review of the Nerf pocket camcorder take a look at this.

Creative Labs Vado video footage

Want to see what the Creative Labs Vado is capable of? For an in depth and hands on review, along with some actual footage captured with the Vado, take a look at this Youtube clip.

Even more pocket camcorders

For a selection of other pocket camcorders check out the products below. Alternatively, use the Amazon search facility and you will soon be on the way to finding the best pocket camcorder for you.

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