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fooled by fuel-ish people

Updated on March 27, 2009

truth and consequences

We are being,fooled,by ,what were told is true,only to find ,that what we are told is far from the truth !

Flouride ,is good for our teeth,we were told,at the beginning of the use of nuclear power.Flouride is used in the production of those weapon's,as well as other metal fabrication processes,such as hardenng of metals used in manufacturing,for military as well as civilian use.The problem is,it is a toxic!

It's used as a rat poison,and when,used in toothpaste ,can kill an infant,if enough,of it is swallowed! it's been said,that flouride as used in toothpaste is,good,for our teeth;claiming that it prevents cavities.The truth is,it makes your tooth enamel brittle,and has no effect as far as preventing cavities;and when put in water supplies as compared to people who don't use it,in their water supply;makes no difference concerning cavities.

Their,is some evidence concerning flourides connection to bone cancer .

Yet we still use it,go figure!

I would hate to think there is a conspiracy to, deliberately poison us for, unknown reason's,however;it seems that is, just what is, being done after considering how long this has been going on!

What do you think?

The truth!

Are we being told the truth,about flouride,and our health?

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