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How to Format Nokia 5130

Updated on June 17, 2013
Format Nokia 5130
Format Nokia 5130

You can format or hard reset Nokia 5130 by using the formatting code. Now, one may wonder what is formatting or hard reset? By formatting your phone you can bring it to the brand new condition, not externally but internally. If you hard reset it then all the installed applications, messages, settings, system changes etc will be deleted. A fresh copy of the operating system will be installed in the phone memory.

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Why Shall I Format my Nokia 5130?

Like a computer a phone also tends to collect junk and garbage files. Every application you run or message you read writes something in the phone memory each and every time. There are installation logs and registry entries. All these files makes the phone slower and slower. There are many bad apps, crashes etc which sometimes harm system files. The result of which is the unusual behavior of the phone. If you are suffering from such issues then do not hesitate to hard reset or format your phone.

Reset Using Code

There are two types of reset – hard reset and soft reset.

Soft Reset will just readjust settings. It will change all the settings to factory default. So, if your problem is a simple one caused by wrong setting changes, it would be solved. But if your 5130 is effected by any virus or malware, this soft reset thing will not do much good.

Anyway, for soft-resetting you need have to type this code* #7780#

Hard Reset

Hard reset will erase everything. Everything in your Nokia 5130’s internal memory will be deleted. Every applications, games, photos, videos, music etc all will be erased. It will clear the phone memory from all the junk files and other such staffs. After that, a fresh copy of the operating system will be loaded in the C drive from the ROM.

To do it, you shall have to put this code: *#7370#

I both cases the phone will ask for a security code. The default security code is 12345.

Another Way Around

If the operating system of your phone is severally damaged by any virus or malware or for any other reason, you may not be able to do anything like putting a code. What will you do then? Is there any other way to format the phone and get rid of this problem?

Yes, there is another way for you. Take the phone and press three keys simultaneously. You shall have to press and hold “Dial + * + 3” keys. While pressing these three buttons, press the power button to switch the phone on. A formatting screen will open. Now, the process will start. Wait some time for it to be completed. After that, the phone will be restarted.

Points to be Noted

You shall be careful and keep these following points in mind:

1) Formatting your Nokia 5230 will result in data loss. It will delete everything in the internal memory. So, take backups of the important data before it. Note that, contacts and SMS will also be deleted.

2) The Memory Card will not be deleted. But it would better if you remove the memory card before formatting.

The most important point is that you must charge the phone fully before any hard reset. If, during formatting, the phone’s battery empties, it may brick your phone.


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