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Formidable Pro Wordpress Plugin

Updated on March 12, 2015

A Fantastic Plugin That Turbocharges Programming Productivity

Formidable Pro is now available and it is a tremendous productivity booster for web programming. Using the tool, content managers can build HTML forms in minutes. Formidable Pro allows design to be specified at the highest level without concern about the underlying technologies such as a database, data transfer, data validation and more. This tool is, quite simply, a major technological leap forward, one that has been missing from the Internet for nearly twenty years.

Formidable Pro is implemented as a plugin for the Wordpress content management system. There is a free version which provides a surprisingly useful set of features, considering that there is no cost or risk. This is not a trial version but rather a functioning subset of the Formidable Pro tools. The free version never expires. It allows the creation of basic HTML forms either as standalone pages or as widgets within existing Wordpress pages. The subset of features is still very useful. A web content manager can build an HTML form in minutes that accepts any number of data items from a user. Such items as "Name", "Address", "City", etc, can be part of the form. In addition, this version allows users to enter paragraph blocks, such as user comments, drop down list selection, radio buttons and even spam filtering using the Captcha service. All of these features can be incorporated on a web page in minutes with no programming at all.

While the free Formidable Pro version is useful for many purposes, most Wordpress content managers will want to purchase a site license for $37. This version adds significant features to the free version. With it, web forms can reference database tables. As usual with Formidable Pro, there is no programming required to implement this feature. In addition, the site license allows additional form fields such as date and time, rich text, file uploading and much more. Of particular benefit to many managers, a number of field validation options is included. These allow fields to be defined as accepting numbers only, email addresses or phone numbers. While these validations normally require additional programming using Javascript or a similar tool, Formidable Pro implements the features with no user coding. They are merely added to the form with a few clicks and some optional parameters.

Those web managers with multiple Wordpress sites may want to consider the unlimited Formidable Pro license. This $99 option allows any number of sites to use the features of the utility. As a bonus, it also provides priority support should any future issues arise. Even if you only manage three sites, there is a cost savings compared to the single site license.

Please Note

Formidable Pro is implemented as a plugin to the Wordpress content management system. As such, an working instance of Wordpress must be available before Formidable Pro can be installed. If your web hosting provider does not provide this system as an installable package, simply go to to obtain your own easy to install package. Like most plugins, Formidable Pro cannot be used if you have a free site hosted at It is, however, available for those who use free hosting at 000WebHost.Com.

WordPress is a great platform that handles database interaction for you. In fact, using various plugins and a little custom code, it is possible to build a real application using the tool. WordPress would bring a lot of features: cloud server, remote access, security and more. Many people have found that a content management system offers a great way to organize data, application and other. With the addition of Formidable Pro, the features are very capable.

Formidable Plus for HTML tables
Formidable Plus for HTML tables

Formidable Plus

An optional enhancement for tables

For those wishing for an easy way to include HTML tables to input forms, Formidable Plus is available as a plugin to the premium version of Formidable Pro. This $12 upgrade gives WordPress administrators control over table input on their HTML forms. Used as an additional Formidable Pro field type, the table button establishes an area where users can save their responses in various cells. The plugin is provided by Topquark, an agency known for their ability to produce outstanding WordPress applications and for their attention to customer needs.

The table data input form from Formidable Plus is perfect for those forms where multiple sets of responses might be appropriate on a web form. For example, viewers could quickly enter a number of tasks in a "To Do" type of form. A series of data elements for a scientific experiment could be added. Such sophistocated forms are created in a design editor and function with no programming. WordPress administrators can build tables on forms that accept text, select boxes, radio buttons, multiline text and more. This capability gives Formidable Pro an even greater boost in performance that translates into incredible productivity for rapid Internet form development.

Wordpress on YouTube

Using the Free Version of Formidable Pro

Formidable Pro Free Version Example
Formidable Pro Free Version Example

Even the free version of Formidable Pro is quite useful. It allows fast form creation with fields for user input as text, paragraph, select drop down and radio buttons. There is no programming involved with this version. Very involved forms can be created such as fully functional user response forms complete with spam protection via Captcha blocks.

All of the fields on this example form are available to Wordpress sites that install the free Formidable Pro pluging.

Create forms the Easy way with Formidable Pro

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    • PennyHowe profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting information. I will check it out in more depth and return and watch the videos. I only used wordpress for my websites and so this looks promising. Thanks for the info.


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