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Download Spotify music for mobile phone?

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    callmerandyposted 6 years ago

    Download Spotify music for mobile phone?

    Been thinking I could use some music to listen to when I am away from my computer. I don't use Spotify music streaming since long time ago so I was wondering if I can also download or stream Spotify streaming music on my cell phone as well?
    Would appreciate some help on this so thanks in advance.

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    supplies expertposted 6 years ago

    For the mobile application of Spotify you need to become a member and pay for the services. I know they have the free level, a middle level and a premium level. For the phone app you need to be a premium member as well. I want to say it is around $10 a month? But not 100% sure. This is for the US as well, it may be different in the UK but I doubt they offer the phone app for free in the UK and not in the US.

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    jasonthegeekposted 6 years ago

    Yeap, unfortunately the free Spotify does not let you download or listen to Spotify streaming music straight on your cell phone or anything like that.

    You've got to have the premium subscription, that one lets you download the Spotify streaming mobile app on your cell  and listen to Spotify streaming music on it plus use the offline mode for Spotify streaming tracks, you know the one  for using Spotify streaming tracks offline without any internet connection.

    I think you can read more on their website on how to download and use Spotify music tracks on your mobile phone and other such stuff; should help you shed some light on this.

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    tuckerlissaposted 6 years ago

    Yeah, sure if you've got one of them compatible devices and the right Spotify music streaming subscription no sweat for you, u can download the Spotify streaming app and get Spotify music on your cellphone as well.

    Guess the premium subscription is great for this sorta things cause that one lets you download Spotify streaming music for the offline use mode or something like that, if I saw it right round there.

    That one might work for you for getting and downloading Spotify streaming for listening on the go on your cell and other multimedia devices.

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    ottisnovaposted 6 years ago

    You know, you should also have mentioned what cell phone you have, after all you can use the Spotify streaming app and download Spotify tracks for the offline mode only on devices compatible with Spotify streaming.

    If your phone is not compatible with them you don't get to download Spotify tracks to mobile and use the offline mode that comes with the Spotify premium subscription, as the guys round here already mentioned.

    Uncompatible mobile device means no Spotify streaming and no downloading Spotify tracks to cache for listening music on the move for you, sorry to have to burst your bubble.

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    tateblakeposted 6 years ago

    As the other guys round here mentioned already, you definitely need to have a phone that's compatible with the Spotify streaming service to be able to download Spotify streaming tracks for the offline mode.

    Though if you ask me, it's a bit overstated to say you can download Spotify tracks and listen to them offline.

    Since this is mainly a streaming service, you don't actually get to download and save all Spotify tracks you want; even with the premium subscription you merely download Spotify streaming songs to cache ( you get to download up to 3000 and something Spotify songs to cache.)

    That's pretty much all you get; you can just as well go to some other streaming site and listen to tracks online.

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    wilIiamposted 6 years ago

    So what if Spotify's a streaming music service and you can only download Spotify tracks to offline mode on devices they want you to?

    C'mon, that's not such a big deal. After all, youtube also uses streaming,  but that does not mean you can't  in any way save youtube streaming videos and music ...

    My point here is that, if you can't get Spotify to work  to download Spotify streams to cache on that phone of yours, that does not mean there's absolutely no way for you to get and save streaming music from Spotify.

    I am pretty sure others have also had this kind of problem and might have figured out ways in which you can capture or save Spotify streaming tracks for use on whatever devices you need.Dunno, just saying...

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    sidnelsontheoneposted 6 years ago

    I think, an this is my personal opinion of course, that it is kind of tricky to listen to streaming music from Spotify or from other audio streaming sources on your phone  on the go cause it's practically impossible to have wi-fi everywhere you go.

    Sure that offline mode that lets you download Spotify streaming music for offline playback comes in handy, but you merely download Spotifty music streaming to cache you don't get to download and save Spotify songs to your computer.

    Call me old fashioned, but I'd also like to download music from Spotify and use it on any devices I see fit, not only on the ones they tell me it's ok to use.

    Anyways, getting back to you think this should help you get started:

    http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&a … ming+music

    It's a search on how to download save Spotify streaming, maybe you'll find something useful round there.

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    danmossposted 6 years ago

    If your phone is not compatible with Spotify music streaming I say don't waste your time trying download and save Spotify streaming music straight from them.

    Pretty sure there's some protection on their music that would prevent you to download streaming music from spotify with some audio streaming music downloader or anything like that, or at least I assume this is the case.

    What you can do, and if I ever needed to save Spotify streaming or to get the music on some mobile device that's what I'd try to figure out, is to find out if you can actually capture or record Spotify streaming music from your computer or something similar to this.

    My guess is that if your record Spotify music, you don't mess with the protection and you can solve the problem faster.

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    darylsjeepposted 6 years ago

    Recording Spotify streaming music seems like the best solution for you, have to agree with the guys from round here who mentioned this.

    It's way easier to find a sound recorder program that can also capture and record Spotify music than trying to figure which audio downloader is also compatible with Spotify and works to download streaming music songs from Spotify to mp3 tracks or whatever format you need.

    Suppose there are loads of sound capture and recording programs on the internets, unfortunately I can't name which one will work best for you to capture record Spotify streaming music songs to mp3 on your computer.

    It's been ages since I used this sort of programs but google's your best friend.

    Good luck!

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    wessleyvposted 6 years ago

    Guess I can also give you a hand on this, to be honest.

    I'd also go with a sound capture and recorder program to save Spotify streaming.

    These are more reliable since you merely record and save streaming music from Spotify and you do not download spotify music streams straight from them. So if spotify streams get tweaked you'd still be able to save spotify music without any issues.

    Anyways, if you want you can also take a look at some Audials Tunebite app:

    http://audials.com/en/how_to_rip_record … otify.html

    This one,among other things, comes with a built in spotify recorder and is able to capture record and save spotify streaming music to your hard disk fast and in pretty good quality.

    Plus it also works to convert spotify to mp3 or whatever formats you need for easier playback, that's gotta come in handy.

    I say it's worth checking out, might solve your problem with how to save Spotify streaming music for offline listening on any devices you need.