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Forward-Reverse-Speech-The ID-Text-To-Speech

Updated on October 13, 2012

Many people have probably heard about Reverse Speech through recorded music from groups such as the Beatles with what has been called "satanic verses" when the lyrics were played backwards. I don't know exactly where the reversals of sources such as those heard in Beatles songs are satanic.However,I have heard reversals from Individuals that sounded like they were either from somewhere other than the person we see or know is speaking.This poses the question - Where are these reverse speech sounds coming from and why?Are they from the ID. The ID being the essence of a person or the "soul" if you will.

The "subconscious" - "super conscious" or "mind" with the brain being the physical organ through which the mind communicates to other minds through in the physical world. Then their is telepathy where one's mind can communicate to other minds in both the physical as well as in the astral or non physical world at least not in the physical world we live in.If,that makes any sense to you and for many of us it may not and yet it does explain a lot where the paranormal is concerned.

When I first heard about the satanic verses in Beatles songs it was said that they were placed there on purpose.

I never gave it much thought until I searched for the term " Reverse Speech " online and found that an Australian by the name of " David John Oates " who ran a halfway house for troubled teens who constantly played records like the Beatles backwards and bugging him about the reversals they heard that prompted him to take it seriously.He now teaches people about reverse speech and works for lawyers etc as a career. You can see him on u-tube or go to his website like I did.

This began my own personal journey into Reverse Speech which I've spent a lot of time and effort on.

During my research on reverse speech I had the inspiration to try using a narrator such as Microsoft Sam to read text that was written in notepad. The results were stunning to say the least. Where were these reverse text to speech sounds coming from? The answer to this question may well be a personal decision as it was in my case at least.I couldn't help but think it was "God". It, certainly was not Microsoft Sam making them as Microsoft Sam has no ID as we know the definition of the ID to be. Unless,as many people have said - God is everywhere and in everything including Microsoft Sam.What a THOUGHT!

As,for those who say such things are from Satan or the Devil and should be dismissed as such are too narrow minded to see

and hear the truth for themselves. This subject of "Truth" can be subjective or objective depending on each Individuals subjective and or objective views are. That is to say that what we hear or seem to hear are Idioms words that can sound like other words.

In fact when forward and or reverse speech is sped up incrementally you can hear new words emerge.

The same can be true without speeding up the speech and or music.One person can hear completely different words as another person does within the very same speech.This is true weather the speech is played in forward mode or reverse.

The number of different phrases heard is likely limited to two different phases within the very same speech without the speech being sped up incrementally.When speech is sped up incrementally there can be many more phrases and or individual words heard as a result of speeding up that same speech.Even text to speech has this change in phases and words.

I know it sounds Incredible! But,it's True!

I've compiled quite a few reverse speech recordings and linked them to this hub for all of you to hear.

I have to warn you! What you hear may or may not be the truth as it may only be the personal perception of the truth of the person saying it in forward or reverse.

With that said feel free to listen with one provision - what you hear may not be for the ears of children.

There are some swear words in some of the reversals.

If, you have children that you don't want to let listen to any questionable language kept this site out of there reach!

The first video below is a recording of Microsoft Sam TEXT TO SPEECH narrator


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    • profile image

      Larry Wall 5 years ago

      The ears and the mind can play funny tricks. The Sergeant Peppers album was suppose to have said Paul Was Dead--he was not.