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free 3d design softwares

Updated on July 13, 2010

Are you one of the people who are interested in animation or to do design in 3d? Then this hub can give you good information about the free 3d design softwares.The open source community has provided lot of softwares for 3d that you don't need to spend money to work on it. All of them are free. Here are some of them.

TrueSpace 7.61

Caligari corporation has designed this software which does not require any programming knowledge. Its features are nothing less to the expensive softwares available in the market. When you download and install the setup, you can see the 3d objects, characters, Scenes, materials,textures and lights. These are already created and you can use them for your design. Just drag and drop the objects on to the 3D screen. You can see a toolbar at the bottom of the of the screen, If you wish to see the animation in 4 views, click on 4view.



This is a 3D creation suite. It is made for creating 3D images and is free to use. It can be installed on Windows,Linux and Mac. It has got the most advanced features for graphic designing. In 3D terminalogy, these are called Regging, Animation, Modeling, Rendering, UV Unwrapping, Shading Imaging and Compositing, Real time 3D.


Art of Illusion

This is called as opensource 3D modelling studio also. It has got many features in its recent version 2.8.1 which was released last month. 3D designing can be done with many features such as Modelling tools, Skeleton based animation. The design can be viewed in 4 different windows in different angles. Its usability and features can be read from its documentation.



It comes with easy features and occupies less memory. It opens with a menubar and a toolbar. All the designs would appear as viewport. The designs can be seen in Smooth,wireframe and hide modes. It allows to draw lines,triangles and polygons using Draw menu. The objects can be rotated using Rotate3D option.

Download: http://sourceforge,net/projects/autoq3d


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