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Free Hosting - Free Host for Website

Updated on February 16, 2012

Changing Website Hosting

I decided to write this hub about Free Website Hosting businesses because I wanted to help the average Joe who might not understand the services that they are being provided with.

Perhaps you are running a personal site and you cannot afford to keep paying to host it with your current provider but I would not recommend a Free Host for a business website where you rely on your it for customers. I have recently experienced several of my clients websites having downtime and it can be distressing and also hurt your search engine rankings if the site is not available when crawled.

Photo courtesy of Ivanpw

cPanel with Freehosting

Many providers offer cPanel with freehosting which is great if you purchased the domain name at one registrar but decided to have web hosting elsewhere since inside cPanel there is the 'Advanced DNS Editor' allowing you to change the A records(host server I.P) where your files are kept.

The A record is a Domain Name Server record which includes a static I.P address which the domain name points to.

Updating the Nameservers

Inside the website account of the domain provider you registered with, there is usually an option under the list of domains you own where you can change the nameservers like in the image below.

The definition of a 'Nameserver' is a translation of a domain name into an I.P address so that various portals around the world can find your website on the Web, many people think that the domain is how a site is recovered when it is actually the IP.

After you have made these changes to point your domain to the desired web hosting there is a propagation period where servers around the world update the information in order to access your site in the future.

The time frame usually takes around 24 hours in which your site my experience some downtime, however, I have discovered this useful tool(pictured to the right) whatsmydns allows you to check how random servers around the world are reacting to your changes and its a free site.

In conclusion I would like to say that experiencing unreliable hosting has educated me in the technicalities of web consultancy and I also experienced poor customer service since many free hosting websites simply want to take your money for registering domain names and do not respond with customer service.


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