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Free Government Issued Cell Phones

Updated on September 13, 2012

The second criterion you have to meet is that you need to be in a state where the program is offered. Currently, the free government issued cell phones program is not offered in all states. You can check if you reside in a state that has this program by going to Safelink Wireless and putting your zip code in the verification field.

Once issued, free government issued cell phones are for you to keep forever. If you decide to cancel the program, you can still keep the phone. Along with the free cell phone, you are giving about sixty minutes each month to use as you wish. These sixty minutes can be used up pretty quickly if you aren’t careful though, so you should keep a tab on it. If you save your minutes, they will roll into the next month so that is an incentive for you to not use your minutes unless you need to. You can also choose to purchase more airtime minutes if you wish.

If you and your family are living at the poverty level, you are probably aware of the many government assistance programs that are available to you. A new government assistance program that you may not have heard of is the free government issued cell phones. This program allows low income families and individuals to receive a free cell phone with minutes. You may wonder why people would need a cell phone. In this modern age just about everyone has a cell phone. It is an important device for communication. It is not used only by the rich like it was decades ago. For low income people, a free cell phone allows them to make emergency calls to 911 and also for helping them with other affairs in life. For example, when you apply for a job you need to provide a phone number so that the company can reach you if they decide to make an offer to you. This is just one reason why cell phones are a necessity. There are plenty of other reasons as well.

So how would you go about applying for free government issued cell phones you ask? In order to apply, you can go fill out an application at Safelink Wireless. Your household income is used as a basis to decide whether you can get a free cell phone. So in order for them to check your income, you have to provide proof such as giving them your pay stubs for the last few months. Another way to show proof of your income is to provide them with proof that you are receiving other government assistance such as food stamps.


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    • profile image

      IT'S FREE 4 years ago

      I hear this all the time IT'S FREE well free for who some one has to pay nothing is free. Oh I get it I pay and you enjoy it FREE. Get a job, get a life, stop wasting time making baby's that I pay for. If you had a job would not need FREE. FREE phones, FREE food, FREE cars, FREE medical, SUBSIDIZED rent. It's a great country especially for those who had nothing to do with building it. We treat foreigners like a rare commodity and believe me they are anything but rare here. Take it form me IT'S FREE but for who and at who's expense?

    • profile image

      Boiling Insanity 5 years ago

      I work two jobs, go to college, and support me and my girlfriend. Neither of us have kids. We are both in school... and these parasites in our country are getting more and more free stuff while I work to pay for it. It's easy to laugh at the tax payers who continue to hand you these things you degenerates, but I would love to see their reaction if someone told these ignorant wastes of life that their "benefits" have been denied due to someone being less fortunate than they are.

    • profile image

      tax payer 6 years ago

      All of you are degenerates who need to get off your asses. I want to put you all on an island and nuke it.

    • profile image

      oockla 6 years ago

      Yo nigga...can is be buin crack wit dis fone cuzzzz...izzzz be needdin some crack....

    • profile image

      Jeff 6 years ago

      Why the H e l l are my tax payers dollars providing them with phones? Get a job, then get your own f-ing phone. Get off our backs losers!!

    • profile image

      darius 6 years ago

      yo so dis fone b trickn like a mofo

    • profile image

      luke wilson 12131991 6 years ago

      this has helped sssooo many ppl and yall downgradin it? yalls on some bull for rel!!!! the fones have saved lives of wut culd b some of yalls grammaws yet u still think itz a scam or trick!!!!!

    • profile image

      susan 7 years ago

      Our politicians want to cut teachers, cops, and just about everything else. Apparently Rick Scott owns stock or (maybe the whole co) in safelink. Why else would we provide free cell phones. I would understand a free home phone, but this is ridiculous. I am all for helping people, but most of the people I know with this free cell phone use it to talk to friends. I guess I am a cynic.

    • profile image

      jewelldorsey 7 years ago

      i thought the texting was free but they charged my account .30 why was this

    • profile image

      Cynthia Swafford 7 years ago

      Please help me....I need a job and can not sit at home to wait for return calls


      Cynthia Swafford

    • profile image

      cynthia swafford 7 years ago

      I could use a phone temperarily to recieve calls from prospective employers


      Cynthia Swafford 941-778-3802 tem phone

    • profile image

      Cassandra Springer 7 years ago

      Thank you for your phone it a good thing to have a phone when you need it some time your phone get turn off if you can't pay your bill sometime you have to chose other bill or food but no. Phone even light water and only one income so thank you and good bless you

    • profile image

      anthony jones  7 years ago

      i have a safelink phone and i have 100 days left wath can i do to keep my phone on thank you

    • profile image

      Vickie Ingle 7 years ago

      Need to know how to go about getting a phone through safe link?I put in for one and they said some one already had one at my address and that was right,but that person no longer lives at my address.They moved out last week.

    • profile image

      dorothybarbely 7 years ago

      recieved message to email safelink for my on going services