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Updated on November 30, 2011

Comunications tools

Communications tools


Memorandums:-Literally a memorandum or popularly known as a memo (an abbreviated form) denotes a note to assist the memory. It is a written message sent to someone working in the same organization. More clearly it may be said that a memorandum is a short piece of writing used by the members of am organization for communicating among them. It is also called an interoffice letter or intra organization report because of its nature of movement that is confined within offices of an organization of between the main office of an organization and its branch offices. Much routine information is communicated via this inter office letter.

A memorandum is usually printed on lighter-weight paper with lower cotton fiber cotton content. Plain sheets may be used for second and successive pages. Side margins of a memo are consistent. Side and bottom margins should vary between 1 and 11/2 inches.

Difference between a Memo and a Letter:- Both memos and letters are used to convey messages. They are alike in many respects (in clarity, conciseness, courtesy, etc). Still they differ from each other in some respects:

  1. Use- A memo is one of the means of internal communication between executives and subordinates or between officers of the same level. It is never sent outside the firm. Thus, its use is confined within the firm. A letter on the other hand goes to people outside the firm. Thus, it is an important medium for external communication.
  2. Format- A memo does not need return address, salutation, or complimentary closing used in a letter. Instead it uses To., From:, Date”, and Subject heading. Generally informal writing style is followed. A letter does not need the basic information “To” and “From:” Instead it includes inside address, solution and complimentary closing.
  3. Content- Since memo communication is among the people of the same organization, use of technical jargons, abbreviations and the like is often appropriate in memos because their meaning is understood. No background explanation is needed and hence their use saves time. In the case of a letter, these jargons are discouraged to use. If used, background explanation is needed killing much time.


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