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Fuhu Nabi Jr Tablet for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Updated on April 16, 2013

A Mini Tablet for Little Kids

The Fuhu Nabi Jr is a 5 inch mini tablet for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. This isn't a pretend tablet, it's a real Android tablet with a good specification that run applications for kids.

Anyone with a baby or toddler and a smartphone knows that they go together really well, until the baby drops the phone or accidentally phones your boss! Or you need the phone back - they always want to use it at the same time as you.

Well this little tablet is aimed at the littlest fingers and even has a baby monitor feature so it's useful as soon as a baby is born!

What's Different about the Fuhu Nabi Jr?

The Fuhu Nabi Jr differs from the Leap Pad 2 and InnoTab 2 in that it targets children from babies up rather than from preschool age.

The VTech InnoTab 2 Baby does target children from age 1 but it isn't a powerful Android tablet. The Fuhu Nabi 2 has an excellent specification that should cope well with kids apps and as a media player.

The Nabi Jr also has a range of Integrated Plug and Play Toyccessories including the video baby monitor, a karoake machines, cash register, game controller and Nabi Pet. The Oregon Scientific MEEP! is another kids Android tablet with physical accessories.

Rather than a range of separate educational titles, the Nabi Jr comes with the Wings Education System which takes kids from Pre-K through to 6th grade.

Fuhu Nabi Jr - 5" Tablet

nabi Jr. - 4GB Kids Tablet
nabi Jr. - 4GB Kids Tablet

So what is the Fuhu Nabi Jr? It's a learning tablet aimed at very young children - the idea is that you buy the tablet for a new baby and they use new features as they grow.

The Nabi Jr starts off as a video baby monitor with its optional infrared night vision camera.

Young babies can enjoy music and videos on the tablet and then start using apps as they get older - infants and toddlers naturally take to touchscreen devices like phones and tablets. And there are learning apps for preschoolers too.

It's a smaller and cheaper sibling to the successful Fuhu Nabi 2 tablet for kids.


Video Preview - From CES 2013

This little tablet is looking great. I do hope they put the stylus on a cord through - the average toddler will lose that stylus in the first 5 minutes!

Where to buy

At time of writing there is limited availability.

There has been some availability of the @Amazon and there is some availability on eBay.

Its release was delayed until early 2013 and it's full release has been delayed further still. I don't think this is a bad thing. They are just making sure they have everything ready in the software and cloud so that users get a great experience.

Choice of colors?

The bumper for the Nabi Jr will be available in various colors, not just red.

Nabi Wings Preview

Nabi Wings will ship with Nabi Jr but is shown on the Nabi 2 in the video.

When is the Fuhu Nabi Jr Available?

Release Date

The Fuhu Nabi Jr will be available in early 2013. The Fuhu Nabi will be available in the US and UK.

How much is the Fuhu Nabi Jr?


The Fuhu Nabi Jr has a suggested retail price of $99 for the 4GB model. There's also a $129 cost for the 16GB model if you think you'll need more storage space.

Fuhu Nabi Jr on eBay

This mini Fuhu tablet is starting to appear for sale on eBay, and accessories too.

More Nabi Tablets

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There are two older siblings aimed at big kids and tweens.

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Fuhu Nabi Jr

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