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Fun with Blogs !

Updated on July 12, 2012
Deb and Butch at Yellowstone falls
Deb and Butch at Yellowstone falls

Blogging! It can be fun.

Fear is what stops most folks from starting something new. I know because I have experienced it too. The old brain says "you can't do this", your friends say it has to be a scam or it's too good to be true. Neither of these two pay the bills or the mortgage tho!

I started looking for online business opportunities quite a few years ago. I spent a lot of money in conventions, going to training seminars and downloading programs. They were all interesting, and of course I was very excited, I even made a few bucks, but I always kind of let them fade away. While I still have a MLM business, and I still trade the stock market, and I still trade currency for fun the one thing that has not changed is I still do not have a job!

S0! I kept looking and learning. I kept pondering what to do. What could I do to make a little extra money, a little money every day, some fun money or bill paying money, and I kept pondering.

As a graduate of Tony Robbins "Mastery University" I had lots of training in motivation and personal improvement. Bob Proctor has showed me how to have the millionaires mindset and my wife has showed me that I had better bring in the money. Money to pay the bills or go on vacation. So! I kept on pondering and pondering and pondering.

Then it struck me. I remembered the old ads about being paid to write for other people. What I called the 3 R's: Write, review, and Runnnnnn! Run (as in hide) from folks that might criticize you for what you had written.

Today, the times have changed. Writing for other folks, posting on blogs, reviewing articles, and participating in forums has become mainstream. Old rules for writing, rules for correct grammer and rules for what you can talk about or write about have changed. It (blogging) has become a honest days work.

Blogging, It's quite simple. Just look at what I have blogged. Yep, anyone can do this. So if you are pondering, like I did a lot, it's time to change.

Become a blogger. Do it today.


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