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Funny iphone 5 cases

Updated on April 16, 2013

Covers that will make you Laugh out Loud

A funny iphone 5 case can be a great gift for someone you love or a good friend. If you pick a case that's righ up their alley, they will smile every day when they grab the cover from the nighstand.

You can use a case that puts a smile on your face yourself?

There are a lot of great choices here. From electric outlets to Gangnam Style jokes. There are cases for everyone.

Electric Outlet iPhone Case

Pretty funny case, especially when you have it on the table at the computerroom in college and someone tries to plug in to charge their phone. Great gift for a buddy or someone who likes goofy things and as a change from the boring cases you usually see. Will definitely get some comments.

Game Boy iPhone Case

This Retro Game Boy case is not just funny. It's also pretty freaking cool. Especially if you are of the generation growing up with the real thing. Was that fun or what? Lucky there are also some very cool games to be played on today's smartphones but I'm not sure if it will ever get as good as it was when you got your first Game Boy.

Rilakumma iPhone 5 Case

These cool Rilakumma cases are a huge hit. No wonder because they are funny and cute. Especially great cases for kids but in some people there is just still that little kid that was playing enthusiastically with Legos 15+ years ago.


Dinosaur iPhone 5 Case

Funny cartoon case featuring the scary T-rex trying to clap his claws. Poor thing can't do it. This case is printed by Zazzle on high quality materials and will protect your phone very well and last a long time.

Ice Cream iPhone Case

This iPhone case looks like a melting piece of ice cream. Pretty hilarious in summer. Be carefull though someone might try to take a bite, when you aren't looking... Not something you want to happen to your $500+ smartphone.

iPhone 5 Moustache Cover

Another iPhone 5 case that is both funny and cute. The pink moustache on the blue background tends to induce quite a few smiles around you in the workplace (although pulling it out there too often might not be the best idea), at school or at home. Protects your iphone 5 from harms way and cheers you up when you are in the occasional bad mood. Doesn't tickle.

Funny Banana iPhone 5 Case

To some people the funny banana case is hilarious. I know, some people are just weird. The half peeled banana is reported to attract attention and get a few laughs where you take it. If you can overcome the embarassement of having a half naked banana on your iPhone then by all means buy this case... It will get you laughs for sure.

Cartoon Cricket Case

Not for everyone but personally I love this cartoon cricket with the funny antenna's that go everywhere. Especially fun for kids who will have an additional toy. If you use your iPhone you might not want to get it because they will want to use it even more often... As if Angry Birds wasn't enough of an ordeal already.

Fun Leopard Print iPhone 5

Funny Leopard printed iPhone 5 case. It even has ears and a fluffy tail! You will probably never see anyone else with this hilarious and cute case. It's very trendy but with a big wink. Who in their right mind is going to carry a case with a tail around? Well apparently a lot of people do, because this is a pretty popular case. It's also a very funny gift for someone you think will appreciate having a cute creature as an iphone and will name it appropriately: Tiger, Leo or Furstar.

Satan will take you back

Funny iphone 5 case that shows you love Jesus but still have your sense of humor and didn't forget it at Satan's place. A great quality if you are a believer. I laughed out loud seeing this case and it will make many people crack up and think. Humor is a powerful inspiring force.

Funny Chickens iPhone 5 Case

Who doesn't love this case featuring four chickens. It's really funny and gets a smile or at least surprised looks from most people. Perfect case if you need to be cheered up now and then.

Gangnam iPhone 5 Case

Funny Gangnam style Keep Calm case. If you love Gangnam style and like the Keep Calm series, this is the perfect case. It's very popular and many people like it a lot. It's very trendy right now but if you think you will get bored with Gangnam style soon then I would pick another one. Who would ever get bored with Gangnam style though...


Funny iPhone 5 Case Coffee

This case is one of my favorites. It is so true. Although in my case it's not so much a reference to work as to the things I do in general. Bottomline is I do a lot of stupid shit. The case made me laugh and it's great to have this around when you are sitting down at the local Starbucks and pour yourself a refill of the delicious black liquid they spread so freely.


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