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The Different Types of IT guys

Updated on July 4, 2013

The Empty Shirt

The empty shirt would normally work as a department manager or business analyst. He would be the connecting link between the managers and techies. When customers come, he ensures that the techies keep the distance. He is one of those people who constantly nod in meetings as if they understand but then Google the subject afterwards.

It's great fun to ask him a technical question and see how he winds up with the answer. The shirt is rather empty but it has qualities. He can express himself given the correct type of customer.Techies are also able to learn from these types.

The Fearsome System Administrator

These types usually work as a network administrator or database administrator. The company needs him and he knows it. He usually spends his time with machines rather than people.

He will also be around if the company is looking for volunteers to perform weekend upgrades. Don't even think about volunteering if he is not around. Just as easily as he can fix your computer, he can also change your login information without notice.

The Incarnate Roadblock

The incarnate roadblock normally works as a software developer, enterprise architect or system administrator. Whatever task or project it is, he will always say the same thing: "You can't do it."

He will then follow up with a detailed explanation as to why the project costs too much, does too little and why it would take too long to put into practice. If the Incarnate roadblock gives feedback, people may simply nod with agreement to get him off their back.

The Raging Support Drone

These support drone types are usually working as a support engineer. They drag themselves from desk to desk to fix computers of people who are not worthy of their time. They will normally do what you ask them however they may not fully do a test as ask you if it's working. These drones know a whole lot about computers but do not want to share their knowledge therefore explanations will be very technical on purpose.

The Uber Geek

The Uber Geek works will most likely be a software engineer or experienced programmer. The Uber Geek personifies all that you think of as a stereotypical techie. They are extremely intelligent and very introverted. Contact with other people will normally be via Email only.

The Operating System Guru

They will most likely works on the help desk, in support or as a programmer. People who do not share their admiration for the operating system, will less prioritizes less in terms of help.

Every conversation will end talking about why a particular operating system is superior.

The slip of the tongue type

The slip of the tongue type will probably be working in the sales field or in business. They promises clients everything, especially including features that a product actually does not have.

These types certainly dig holes for themselves but they do bring in the sales which in the end is usually good for business, as long as nobody tries to take him them to court.

The Shadow

"Not my problem, not my job, not my fault," is what you will constantly hear from the Shadow types. No one knows exactly what the shadows actual role is however everyone knows that the shadow is an expert at doing as little as possible.

If something goes wrong, the shadow quickly shows the finger at others. They do seems to have some management responsibilities, and often end up as "Roadblocks" as mentioned previously.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 4 years ago from Japan

      Many very close to the truth, yes.

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 4 years ago from Japan

      Thanks Torrilynn

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 4 years ago from Japan

      Thanks, yes the types are quite funny and often true.

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 4 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      I do my own IT but have to deal with a Roadblock on my part-time gig, very annoying. You hit the nail on the head with this one.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago

      This was quite hilarious! Its interesting to learn a different perspective on IT guys. Voted up and shared!

    • Alexander Mark profile image

      Alexander Silvius 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      This is hilarioius, makes me want to get into the IT field! The way you describe the IT office is like a Dilbert panel except in words. Love it.