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Get Virtualized (3 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating)

Updated on December 6, 2013
Stop Procrastinating and Get Virtaulized!
Stop Procrastinating and Get Virtaulized!

Why haven't you Virtualized?

Since 2005 many data center operations have been converting over to virtual environments by using hardware virtualization to transform their data centers into private clouds.

And in many cases, early adopters have extended their leads and already have hybrid clouds that can seamlessly migrate virtual servers between public and private clouds.

If this doesn't make you want to act, they are also transmitting and storing data there securely and flawlessly.

So why haven’t you virtualized yet?

3 Reasons to Get with The Program:

Reason #1 to get virtualized – Server Consolidation

Data center infrastructure management has evolved into highly leverage and consolidated environments set on squeezing every bit of compute power out of the costly rack and blade servers that fill the rows of cabinets in their data center.

The advantage is hundreds of old and power hungry servers can be consolidated into clusters of energy efficient powerful servers hosting 20 – 30 virtual servers per bare metal host.

How can they do this?

Because today’s virtualized data center architecture reduces the need of physical servers by using data center designs focused on bare metal virtualization using big beefy servers, hypervisors, 10G+ networks and high performance storage to reduce square-footage, power, cabling and cooling needs.

Reason #2 to get virtualized – Virtualization Technology has Matured

Do you know nowadays you can run a virtual environment right from your desktop with free software? And you can support it with a virtual manager client App installed on a cell phone.

It’s impossible to keep up because weekly something new is released to add new whistles and bells to previous versions.

VMware was moving so fast they had to slow down on version releases so customers could adapt to the version still rolling out in their data centers.

And it’s not just about virtualizing servers anymore because virtualization technology has evolved into virtual solutions for:

  • Servers – virtual servers, VM
  • Desktops – virtaul desktops, VDI
  • Applications – Published and Streamed Apps
  • Networks – Virtual Network Technology, VTEP, NSX, NX-OS
  • Firewalls – Virtual Firewall Technology
  • Load-balancers – Access Gateways and Virtual Load-Balancers
  • And storage – Virtualized storage units that are dynamically grown and moved

Reason #3 to get virtualized – Risk IT & Career Complacency

Finally get virtualized or you will fall behind on modern data center knowledge and practices required in today’s data center operations.

This risk not only impacts your company’s ability to keep up with customer demands but also can lead to the loss of many of the key people you rely on to keep the operations running.

With so many cool and exciting products emerging in virtualization and cloud computing, people want to keep their skills sharp so they remain marketable in case they need to find another job. And they want to learn new things...

The list of technology advances is growing fast and even data center security has moved from large costly physical firewalls to software modules that are imported directly into virtual infrastructure and run as a virtual machine. Is that cool, or what?

So in conclusion, I will ask again, why isn't your data center virtualized yet?

Take action now to implement data center virtualization before you lose your top talent and fall farther behind than you already are.

They say complacency is what happened to Kodak!


Joe Sanchez has more than 15 years of hands-on experience managing computer and infrastructure technologies.

© 2013 Joe Sanchez


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