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Gibson Guitar Review

Updated on July 24, 2013

It's a good idea to Compare Electric Guitars before you buy.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular guitars like for instance a Gibson Les Paul Studio.

Just what makes the Gibson Les Paul Studio electric guitar one of the best choices when buying a guitar? With it's classical 20th century guitar design the Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar is an amazing instrument. Though the design was originally considered for a studio environment countless musicians of all types have enjoyed this timeless guitar. This guitar has a wonderful tone and is extremely easy to play. The Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar is not only beautiful with it's carved maple top and chambered mahogany body but delivers a sound quality unsurpassed by many others. If you cannot afford a more expensive guitar this one will deliver.


Why the studio stands out

Gibson's Les Paul Studio Guitar has become one of the most wanted and most popular of Les Pauls for its tremendous harmonic and sonic qualities. All of the elements of a Les Paul Standard are there. What the Les Paul Studio lacks in extras, it makes up for in performance.

Another great feature of the Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar is the humbucking pickups, a 498T in the bridge position and a 490R in the neck. The 490R and 498T are one of the most versatile humbucking pickup sets available.

Lets take a look at all of this guitar's features.

*Ebony finish with gold hardware; comes with Gibson hardcase

*Solid, carved maple top and chambered mahogany body for excellent resonance and superior sustain

*Classic, no-nonsense 6-string electric guitar with stripped-down appointments with the full tonal splendor

*Two of Gibson's most popular humbucking pickups, a 498T in the bridge position and a 490R in the neck

*Includes Gibson's hallowed Tune-o-matic bridge, stopbar tailpiece, and vintage-style tuners

Overall for the price that they charge for this guitar you would find it hard to find better. Sure there are better ones out there but you would have to pay alot more for only a slight increase in capabilities and sound quality.

The Good

*It has a nice clean sound

*It has wonderful action, a good range of sounds and it's an excellent value

*It's perfect for any style

The Bad

*Like every other Les Paul type the neck is glued on. Be careful

*tuners finish and all the plastic parts

These Guitars are for:

*People who want a great guitar at an affordable price

*People who won't compromise because they want the best

*People who are looking to buy the last guitar they will ever need

Let me show you what some current owners have to say about them:

*Charland D. Ohio

I have been interested in guitars for years now, and owned quite a number of them, such as Strats and Les Pauls. I sold them all over time, the last one after my marriage. A few years ago a friend hooked me up with a Les Paul Studio model, an ebony/ebony model such as the one listed here. Man, does it play well, and when hooked up to a Marshall amp it sounds like a MONSTER. Such fantastic sound at a bargain price. If you like a nice clean sound, like Buddy Guy (who played a Strat) or B.B. King, or prefer a harder, dirtier sound like Neil Young or Jimmy Page, this entry level Gibson is a must!

My Les Paul Studio came with the same neck on it that Gibson puts on the legendary Standard model. The body is a little different. The maple wood top is thinner, which in technical terms means that "technically" the guitar should have less tone or sustain, however, you have to have the hearing of a dog to tell the difference between this Studio and a Standard or Deluxe model. The humbuckers are a different, but for the price they should be. My Les Paul has either type '57 or '59 humbuckers on it. But really, who cares? It still sounds fantastic. Have you ever heard Neil Young play "Cortez The Killer?" My Studio model sounds JUST like Neil's Les Paul Deluxe. It is amazing what great sound you can get out of this Gibson!

Ready to buy?

If you want to buy this guitar, it is currently on sale on Amazon through this link only.

Les Paul Guitars

Gibson Les Paul has many models to choose from

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