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Save Money with your Mobile - Free Sims & Great Deals with Giffgaff

Updated on September 26, 2012

Giffgaff is the new mobile network with a unique philosophy - run by its members, for its members. It piggybacks the O2 network, so there's great reception, but also it's a fraction of the cost of most pay as you go networks. For example, whereas many will charge calls at about 20p per minute, Giffgaff will only cost 8p! There's also the option of Giffgaff's "Goodybags", which can offer even better deals, which can be bought on a month by month basis. You're not tied in to any contract, and can choose a different Goodybag every month, or stick to the standard pay as you go tariff.


Goodbye to Call Centres!

Don't you get tired of having to phone call centres, when you need help? It's always a case of pressing option after option to get through to the right department. Then spending ages on hold to speak to a human being. Sometimes it takes so long, that by the time you do get through, you've almost forgotten why you called in the first place! Added to this, the person on the other end is often very unhelpful once you've explained your problem!

This is where Giffgaff is different. There is no call centre of any kind. Instead, the support comes from other "Giffgaffers" online. These are the people who actually use the network, and are able to answer questions from experience. This support is always free, plus anyone on the network can contribute. Not only this, but anyone that gets involved in answering queries from other members gets rewarded for doing so. This can be in the form of money, phone credit or even a charitable donation.

By having this type of support for its members, instead of call centres, Giffgaff can keep its running costs down, hence the great deals for Giffgaffs customers.

Compare Giffgaff with Other UK Networks...


All Giffgaff to Giffgaff calls and texts are free, and you can even keep your old number when you switch. Why not tell your friends to become part of the Giffgaff community too?

Here's a Short Video from Giffgaff...

By the way, the 10.00 Goodybag has now been upgraded by popular demand. Instead of 100 minutes, you will now get a wopping 250!

Why not treat yourself with the money you'll be saving?

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      natorocket 5 years ago

      Giffgaff's great - and nice lens!

      People reading this may be interested in this lens too, though I won't say why... find out yourself!