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Give Aways

Updated on June 22, 2013

The Art Of Using Give Aways Correctly

Have you ever went on the web and stumbled upon an advertisement, tweet, or anything else that gave you the chance to get something for free. For some of us on Squidoo who also went to Zujava, there was a contest about whoever could create the best leaf based on a particular category would receive a free Kindle. Zujava's amount of leafs for that topic skyrocketed upward. This is just one of the many benefits of give aways that can help you succeed online.

A Better Products Attracts More Attention

Would you want a free iPhone 3 or a free iPhone 5? I think that a lot of people would take the iPhone 5 since it is the newest iPhone with a lot of technological advancements compared to the iPhone 3. If you give away the best product, you'll get attention.

Why Should I Do This In The First Place?

This is the question that many people ask, and there are numerous answers. If you use a give away in the right way, you could make more money than you lost in the end. However, being a nice friend and giving stuff away just for fun will leave you in a bad condition. Instead, make the person do something for you before you give away the free product. For example, have the person sign into your Membership Site. If you charge $5 per person and you get 20 members, that's $100 which could turn into a prize for your loyal members. You can also only include people that are near you and respect you. Only giving rewards to members is a great method, but you can use Twitter as well. For example, I saw a tweet from a Twitter account having to do with baseball. They said that the 250th follower would get a *FREE* autographed baseball of Robinson Cano. Wouldn't you want a *FREE* autographed baseball of a baseball player who has the talent for the Hall of Fame? I think so too, and I know that that Twitter page got a lot of followers in a hurry. With free give aways, you can get a lot of followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook, subscribers on YouTube, or a membership site which ends up giving you more money either way.

Important Advice

Even though some people are successful with the method, don't specify the follower that gets the give away. If you say that you'll give the give away to the 250th follower, people will wait for others to follow that person until they are the 250th follower. Don't have too many people waiting to be the 250th follower!

Mystery Prizes

Offering mystery prizes is a great way to intrigue a follower. What's the prize? Is it the new Kindle, an emerald, or just a regular notebook? Offering mystery prizes will always interest a follower, especially if they can get it for free. It's great to have a raffle every once in a while, but your followers should get their raffle ticket just by following you.

Make Your Followers Retweet You

The Huffington Post is a great online newspaper with the latest news (and they're really good) and I click on their links all of the time. I saw a racers drive through San Francisco, and sometimes, he was going so fast that his vehicle went a couple of feet into the air. Basically, the Huffington Post has over 2 million followers because of their good content, but there's always room to grow. I'm sure if you were offered the chance of getting 1 million legit followers for free, you would take it, even Lady Gaga who has the most Twitter followers. The Huffington Post offered you the chance to retweet their tweet for a chance to WIN a Huffington Post mug.

The tweet already has over 600 retweets, and the link with the info about the mug has over 2,000 clicks. If you want to learn more about the giveaway (which is working to perfection), click here.

The Longer The Giveaway, The More People Can Know About It

The amount of time in between the beginning and end of a giveaway is crucial. When promoting a giveaway, it is better to be a long than short. A giveaway that lasts for an hour won't get much exposure for your business. However, if your giveaway lasts 1-3 months, you'll get a lot of people who will participate. If you wait to award the winning person 1-3 months later, you'll be awarding the winner in 720-2160 hours instead of waiting to award the winner in only 1 hour. Even if you only promote for 1 month, that's 719 extra hours you have to promote your giveaway.

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Do The Giveaways on Holidays

No one will pay attention to a giveaway in August because everyone is on vacation. In November and December, there aren't as many people on vacation, and with Christmas coming up, November and December are the best months to promote a giveaway. Promote your giveaway at the right time so that you reach the highest traffic. If you give away something, make sure that more than 1 person participates in the giveaway.

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