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Gloves for iPhone: Keeping Warm Outside in a Smartphone Age

Updated on December 10, 2013

A chill is in the air, it is time for some warm gloves for the smartphone user.

I spend about two hours outside everyday. I do a little slow jogging and some walking for my health and fitness. My iPhone has become an essential tool in this task.

I listen to podcasts, I listen to my iTunes, Pandora, listen to audiobooks and sometimes even walk and read regular books on my Kindle app. I use MapMyWalk to keep track of my walks. Sometimes also I go on long explorations in the woods. If I do, I use Google Maps to find my out to safety. I take notes with Evernote, and sometimes snap pictures if I see something cool.

My point is that my iPhone is in my hands on my walks for the entire 2 hours I am outside. It has become an essential and engrained part of my fitness routine. I would have a hard time getting as much daily exercise without this tool, I did not even have a few years back.

But it is November now. It is getting cold and nasty outside. A chill is certainly in the air. Here in New Jersey we have not yet, had a major snowfall, but one is on the way -I feel it in my bones.

Again, the point of all this is that with this cold, my new found need to have an iPhone in hand at all times on my walks/jogs it gets mighty cold to hold the phone in my bare hands. This is where cool gloves for the iPhone come into play.

With these gloves, you can keep your hands warm and snugly outside, yet still be able to manipulate the capacitive touch screen of an iPhone. A pretty cool thing if you are like me and spend a fair bit of time outside. Read on to find out more about some of the very best capacitive gloves for the iPhone.

Important Note: all capacitive touchscreen gloves work on models, as well as all types of screens. So it does not matter if you use an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5s or even a Samsung Galaxy, iPad 2, a Blackberry or an HTC EVO 3D. These iPhone gloves will work on them all. In reality they are just "touchscreen gloves"

Best Gloves for iPhone
Best Gloves for iPhone

You don't have to look like Michael Jackson with a beet red hand

Last year, before I got this warm pair of capacitive gloves, I felt a little bit like Michael Jackson. I would walk around with only my left glove on. My right hand would be tap,tap, tapping away on the touchscreen, while it way half frozen into a chilly, red icy mess. The chill to my hand on cold days would run me indoors much quicker than I liked.

Because of this I was very happy to get a nice warm set of these gloves for Christmas last year, since they do quite a wonderful job of keeping both hands warm, and I do not need to feel like I am imitating the King of Pop with my one gloved hand.

iPhone and Capacitive Gloves for Christmas - A cool gift ideas for any smartphone user

I have already given you a few reasons why I think these gloves are important. If you live in a nice warm climate, of course these are superfluous, but if you live in any colder climate, you are certainly going to want at least one pair of these gloves to keep you nice and toasty on the winter days, if you plan on using your smart phone outdoors for any length of time.

These items also make great Christmas Gifts for any smartphone user, because they are not the type of items that many people think to buy for themselves, but they are still the perfect iPhone/ Smartphones accessories.

Here are a few of the top rated gloves for smartphones.

Touchscreen Glove Video

See these touchscreen gloves in action

Classy Isotoner Women's Capacitive Gloves

These gloves are some elegant close fitting gloves that scream "stylish" while still working with any touchscreen. A great option to look great and stay warm outside while using your mobile devices.

Do use your mobile device (of whatever type) outside for more than 15 minutes a day on average?

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Let me know what you think about these cool capacitice gloves - Share your thoughts in the comments below

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