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Gmail Tutorial - Creating an Account

Updated on August 7, 2015

GMail is free web based email with search capabilities and since it is from google, you can integrate your account with other google services.. such as, and much more... What's so great about this web based email system? you ask. . well alot..

  • Big and I mean BIG storage so that you won't delete a message ever
  • Spam Block - this automatically blocks spam targeted to your account and if any spam gets through, you can always report it so that next time it will not bother anyone anymore..
  • GMail Labs - this is where applications that will make your gmail more enjoyable and convinient. It has widget like applications that you can use to have a wonderful session in the net.

This video tutorial is about setting up an account through GMail, best thing is - this video tutorial is for begginers and novice alike..

Because learning is not limited in the four corners of the classroom - anonymous


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