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Google TV - Search for stuff to watch

Updated on April 19, 2013

Is 2012 the Year of Google TV?

Google TV is Google's approach for Smart TV - combining TV and the internet. They've spotted that people are using their PCs and tablets to watch video, play games and use apps while a big TV sits idle in the living room. Will 2012 be the year when Google TV really takes off?

Google TV has been around a while, but Google have recently updated the experience and got a set of new electronics manufacturer partners on board.

Let's take a look at what's happening with Google TV in 2012.

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Google TV brings the internet to your TV with an easy to use interface. You can buy a TV set with Google TV built in (more on those later) or a Google TV Box that connects to an existing TV. In both cases you'll be able to control what's displayed on your TV with a big remote control keyboard.

You can use Google TV to unify all the sources of video and TV shows that you have access to including cable, internet movie services like NetFlex and Hula and YouTube. This makes it easier to search for (this is google!) something to watch.

You'll also have the Chrome web browser built in and access to a range of games and apps including Android apps.

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Google TV at CES 2012

Google are making a big push around Google TV at the CES 2012 conference where they will be announcing new partnerships for Google TV devices.

What Can I do with Google TV?

Here are some of the key features of Google TV.

  1. Search for and watch Live TV, Cable, internet video (Netflix, Hula, etc), YouTube.
  2. Use picture in picture to show tweets while watching a live event like a sports or political event.
  3. Browse the web with the Chrome browser.
  4. Play games including web-based games and android games.
  5. Use a variety of web and android apps to check the weather or the stock market, use twitter, or even turn your TV into a digital fireplace.
  6. Use your android device to control your TV.

Will Google TV Take off in 2012?

I certainly think there's a place for Smart TV in 2012 and Google are in a good position to lead the way.

Increasingly the big TV in our living room sits idle while we use laptops, tablets and smart phones a couple of yards away from it. This is pretty crazy and it's a scene played out in many teched up houses.

My partner and I often end up sharing YouTube videos and web sites with each other by instant messaging. Being able to just share using the big screen TV would make so much sense.

And I find it much easier to find things to watch online that I do on our TV. I'm not a big watcher of TV, but I'd probably watch a bit more if it was easier to find.

And it would be brilliant to be able to easily find kids TV shows with a simple search - my kids often have really specific requests like wanting to learn more about a specific animal. At the moment we often end up on YouTube because it's just easier to find something relevant.

Google TV in the UK?

Not until 2013

What about Google TV in the UK? The UK will have to wait until 2013 I'm afraid.

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Google TV

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