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google adsense tips tricks on adsense earnings

Updated on September 23, 2009

Google Adsense Tips Part 1

Before i wrote this article, i was thinking to myself.  I am not someone who has made millions of dollars online, so what is there for me to share?  If you are someone who wants to make millions of dollars online in a short time, then i guess this article is not for you.  But if you are someone who want to start building some additional stream of income.  It is probably worth your time to spend the next 5 to 10 minutes reading the rest of this article.

Learning is an incremental process.  My objective is to share with those who just started or those who want to start making some money on the internet how to take a well informed step.

After two years of fumbling around (mostly in the dark and sometimes paid tens of dollars online for ebooks and products that teaches me how to make money online), I am going to receive my second check of 100+ dollars from google.  And also from affiliate marketing (namely commission Junction, i have gotten 200+ dollars over the last couple of years)  Well, it is not much.. But i guess it is a start and a proof to myself that we can really make some money online without actively working.

Google Adsense Tips Part 2

What i realized is this, when i started, my adsense income is really miserable. From a few cents a month, it slowly picked up to a few dollars a month and now, it is a couple of dollar a day. So if there is only one key point that you want to know. This is the key. "The more number of pages, sites, articles and etc. that you have online, the more chances of clicks and the higher will be your adsense earning."

Having more pages, articles and sites online is one thing. The second thing is the quality of your site. By quality, i mean in 2 ways. Quality of your content and the quality of the adsense advertisement that is displayed on your site. From my point of view, a good quality adsense advertisement is one that pays you more when someone clicks on the link.

So how do you get high quality adsense advertisement to be displayed along side your content? Here is a list of the systematic steps that i will take each time i post any article online (especially on Xomba)

Google Adsense Tips Part 3

1. Find a list of good keywords.
How do we define good keywords? For me, good keywords are :
a) Keywords with sufficient search
b) Keywords with minimum competing sites
c) Keywords that yield high quality adsense advertisement that translate to high paid clicks

2. A Good Title.
We can construct a good title easily once we have a good list of keywords. From the list of keywords, pick 2 phrases and construct a title that makes sense.

3. Tags of the Article/Site
If we have done a proper job for part 1. Pick the 5 top paying keywords for the tags of your article.

4. Plan your content with keywords
Google adsense display advertisement that are relavent to your content. So your content actually determines a great deal what advertisement are displayed. Plan your content well and sprinkle some of the keywords that you have listed in step 1 into your content.

Using these steps, you can start producting more pages, site and article in the web to build up your own repository of pages that can earn you a steady stream of incomes for the clicks on google adsense. For those who are already writing contents, hope these simple steps can improve your adsense earning too.

PS. As you can see, keywords research is an integral and a very important part of the entire process, so much so that i think it is worth an entire article on it. I am trying to compile another article on the most straight forward way to do keywords research. If you are interested, keep a look out for my new post.


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