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Google Blogs & Support Forums - A Complete Resource List

Updated on March 27, 2015
There are many support forums and blogs out there from Google
There are many support forums and blogs out there from Google | Source


Google is everywhere; from humble beginnings in the late 1990s, Google is now one of the most famous brands on the planet, and the 'go to' choice as a search engine. The size of Google means that it can often be overwhelming - Where do you go to find the information you want?

Fortunately, the awesome +Denis Labelle has you covered. He's put together a comprehensive list of Google resources, so no matter what you're after, if it's related to Google, he's put it in this toolbox.

Because there's so much great information, we've broken down the tips into several sections; this one deals with official Google blogs and product forum.

Who is this article on Google resources for?

  • People that don't know where to look for Google information
  • People that want to find out more about Google in general
  • People that want information on specific Google products

What are the benefits of this article on Google resources?

  • Get information on the range of products and services that Google offers
  • Find support, information and more
  • Read Google blogs to keep up to date with the latest developments

What does this article cover?

  • All of the official Google blogs in their various categories
  • A list of the Google support forums for all of their products

Official Google Blogs

These are all official blogs, curated and updated by Google on a regular basis. Subscribe to them in your favorite RSS reader.

General Google Blogs

Search & Search Engine Optimization Blogs

Products Blogs

Video Blogs

Advertising Blogs

Communications Blogs

Business & eCommerce Blogs

Google Product Forums, Discussion & Support Groups

Here you'll find the various support areas and discussion groups for Google's various areas. In addition to other users that can help you out, Google staff regularly monitor and engage with the forum discussions.

General Forums

Search Forums

Advertising & Affiliates Forums

Chrome Forums

Publishing Forums

Communications Forums

Products Forums

Business & eCommerce Forums

Google Apps & Drive Forums

Google Maps & Earth Forums

Google News Forums

Video Forums

Other Forums


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