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Google is Working to Cut Energy Bills

Updated on December 29, 2017

Energy Initiatives by Google – The Search Engine Powerhouse – will Benefit Both Google and Consumers

Google is committed to solar power.

The company has the largest solar power system ever installed on a single corporate campus. The company’s Mountain View, California complex includes solar panels on rooftops of office buildings and carports. Its solar experience will undoubtably lead to benefits for consumers.

Google Energy Now Wants to Buy and Sell Electric Power on the Wholesale Market

Google is a huge consumer of electric power. Rising electric prices no doubt worry the company -- but I suspect that reliability is also a major concern. Neither Google nor millions of Google’s users would be happy if Google went down because of power shortages. It has a big stake in assuring that an adequate and reliable smart grid is established.

Google recently created Google Energy – a subsidiary that will help the company face its huge power consumption issues. The newly-formed subsidiary will ”identify and develop opportunities to contain and manage the cost of energy for Google.”

In a related move Google filed a request to the Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC), in December 2009, seeking permission for Google Energy to “engage in wholesale electric power and energy transactions as a marketer” and to sell “electric energy, capacity and ancillary services at market-based rates.”

I think these moves, too, will ultimately benefit consumers -- not only by containing energy costs, but by stimulating innovation in electric services. addresses global challenges

Google’s philanthropic arm -- --- is putting Google’s information and technology to work building products and advocating for policies that address global challenges. In early 2009, Google began focusing its engineering and technical talents on engineering projects that address global issues – including energy.

Google PowerMeter

When I originally wrote this Hub in 20xx I was excited by the then-new Google PowerMeter. It was a Google service designed to help consumers analyze and cut their electric bills. PowerMeter received information from smart electric meters installed on your house by your electric utility. The smart meter -- combined with in-home energy management devices -- enabled the PowerMeter to visualize this information for you on iGoogle (your personalized Google homepage) and manage your energy use.

But guess what. For a variety of reasons Google abandoned this initiative. According what I now know, utilities really didn't want to cooperate (for another variety of reasons).

Google’s RechargeIt means Clean Energy

Google’s RechargeIT program supports adoption of plug-in vehicles. RechargeIT will reduce CO2 emissions, cut oil use, and help stabilize the electrical grid. Google has a fleet of demonstration electric vehicles at their Mountain View, CA headquarters.

May Google Powermeter Rest in Peace

Google PowerMeter | image credt:
Google PowerMeter | image credt:

Google PowerMeter Was a Free Service by Google!

Google worked with utility partners to test and deploy PowerMeter in conjunction with the utility’s smart meter installed on your house. If you are not served by one of Google's power partners, you may purchase a compatible consumer smart meter product marketed by one of Google device partners -- which included The Energy Detective with its new 5000-series power meter that was compatible with Google PowerMeter service.

Look forward to more energy moves by Google that will benefit both Google and consumers alike.

Did you try Google PowerMeter When It was Available? What was Your Experience?

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