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Google Nexus 7 Tablet by Asus

Updated on April 5, 2014

Asus Nexus 7 tablet for Google

The Google/Asus Nexus 7 Tablet has arrived and is already causing quite a stir, because of it's relatively low price and high specification, but is it any good? I purchased one shortly after being launched in the UK and I am putting it through its paces...

If you thought the 10" tablets such as the Apple iPad are a bit too heavy and unportable and other 7" tablets and eReaders insufficiently powerful, the Nexus 7 could be the device for you. It is a 7" tablet made by Asus for Google with good computing power and battery life, a touch screen, Android operating system and a huge array of applications available (for free or paid for) Here is a review of this wonderful little tablet: The advantages and disadvantages of this inexpensive, smaller device, versus it bigger heavier and more expensive rivals.

Amazon also has competing, newly launched 7" products: The Kindle Fire HD range, that are good value (and even a 9" product for the US market, although not yet in the UK)

I shall update with my experiences: reliability, bugs etc. over the weeks and months.

Google Nexus 7 by Asus

Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet Computer - iPad alternative

Android OS tablet PC from Asus

What is The Google Nexus 7? - Not just a budget iPad

Nexus 7 Asus Google, Samsung Note, HTC Desire
Nexus 7 Asus Google, Samsung Note, HTC Desire

Nexus 7 pictured above with Samsung Note, HTC Desire S and Blackberry Smartphones

The Asus/Google Nexus 7 is a small tablet with a 7" screen, which does make it less expensive than some of its rivals from the likes Apple and Samsung, but should not be considered as just a budget, cut-down version. Not everyone needs or wants the larger size screen of an iPad. I prefer the smaller size screen for many purposes and if I want a larger screen I will use one of my laptops or desk-top computers. The 7" screen makes the device easier to hold for long periods, easily fitting in one hand. It is definitely a case of personal preference, though and some people do prefer the larger screen of the more expensive 10" tablets.

The other issue, apart from size, is the operating system. Android is becoming far more popular and if you have an Android smartphone you may prefer an Andoid tablet (although there are many larger Android tablets to choose between as well) whereas if you have already committed to Apple and iTunes you will probably prefer the iPad (and there may be a new smaller Apple iPad coming out soon)

Nexus 7 Specifications

What Features do you get with a Nexus 7? - Specifications

Nexus 7 Asus Google
Nexus 7 Asus Google

The Nexus 7 isn't expensive, so you can't expect it to have everything, but it is still very well equipped for a tablet of this price and well made too. The benchmark for any tablet is the Apple iPad, but there are so many alternatives available now, of various sizes.

7" 1280x800 HD display (216 ppi) [vs 9.7" 2048x1536 (264 ppi) for the new iPad]


1.2MP front-facing camera [vs. 5-megapixel iSight camera]

WEIGHT: 340 grams [vs 652 g]

MEMORY: 8 or 16 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM [vs. 16, 32 or 64GB]

BATTERY: 4325 mAh (9 hours of HD video;10 hours of web browsing, e-reading; 300 hours of standby [vs. Up to 10 hours for iPad]

CPU:Quad-core Tegra 3 processor [Dual-core Apple A5X with quad-core graphics]

SIZE: 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm [vs. 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm for new iPad]WIRELESS: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n ; Bluetooth

Micro USB

OS: Android 4.1 ("Jelly Bean")

MicrophoneNFC (Android Beam)AccelerometerGPSMagnetometerGyroscope

The Nexus 7 compares very well with new iPad. The most obvious difference is the size and resolution of the screens and the resolution of the cameras. The very inexpensive base model Nexus 7 comes with just 8GB of internal storage, which would be sufficient for browsing, downloading books, apps and some multimedia files, but if you are likely to want the download a lot of video content you should opt for the more expensive 16GB version. It is not possible to upgrade the memory later.

My New Baby

Nexus 7 Asus Google: My new baby
Nexus 7 Asus Google: My new baby

Apple iPads - Asus Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is the benchmark against which all other tablets are measured. The new iPad has an excellent high resolution screen that looks wonderful, but does cost more than the new range of 7" tablets from Kindle, Google, Samsung etc.

iPad vs Nexus 7 - Apple versus Android

Which is better iPad or an Android Tablet?

Nexus 7 Ease of Setup and Use

Nexus 7 Asus Google
Nexus 7 Asus Google

The Google/Asus Nexus 7 works straight out of the box (once it has been charged) with just a short setup procedure to follow and a simple paper quick start guide in the box to point you in the right direction. It takes just s few minutes to type in the appropriate details: WiFi securty password, Google account details (if you have one) and email details etc. then you can start browsing and installing applications from the Google Play app. If you already have an Android phone this will be familiar, but is very intuitive anyway.

The user interface of the Nexus 7 is basically the same as any Android phone, just bigger (i.e. very similar to that of an iPhone or iPad too, hence the recent lawsuits accusing Samsung of copyright infringement) The operating system is the very latest Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean". In my experience it feels very nearly as good as the latest Apple products, even if the finished product isn't quite as stylish (perhaps?)

What Tablet Screen Size is Best? - Is a 7" or 10" Screen Best?

I prefer the 7" tablet size (e.g. Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD), because it is lighter and I can hold it easily in one hand, but many people prefer the 10" size (e.g. Apple iPad) Which do you prefer?

Which is better: 7" or 10"

New Nexus 10 and Nexus 8 Tablets?

Rumours of a new range of larger tablets

After the Google Nexus 7 (made by Asus) was first launched a larger 10" Google "Nexus 10" tablet made by Samsung was announced. This was a competitor to the Apple iPad, with an excellent high resolution screen. Apple launched a smaller iPad Mini with a slightly larger screen than the Nexus 7, but with a lower resolution screen (same as the larger iPad) then new higher resolution "Retina" versions of both sizes of iPad and the ultra slim iPad "Air", so there are plenty of alternatives if you prefer the Apple operating system and there are a huge number of low cost 7" tablets from a variety of manufacturers, but what do Google have up their sleeves for future devices?

There are plenty of rumours about the new Google Android line-up: There will be a new Nexus 10, to compete with the iPad Air, but who will make it and what will it's specification be? There will also be a smaller device and there is much speculation that this will be made by HTC, called the Nexus 8 and be at least an 8.1" tablet or possibly even up to a 8.9" screen. The 7" tablet maker is saturated with low-cost devices, hence the move to a slightly larger device (i.e. competition for the more expensive Apple iPad Mini) but the latest rumours also suggest the Nexus 7 also live on in third generation form. What ever Google come up with I'm sure they will be excellent devices and good value for money.

Alternative low cost tablets from Amazon Kindle and others

New Amazon Kindle Fire

The newly launched Kindle Fire HD is available either with a 7in (17.8cm) screen or an 8.9in (22.6cm) one closer in size to the Apple iPad. There is also a new version of the original Kindle Fire at a lower price.

The 7in Kindle Fire HD has 16 GB of storage and will cost £159 in the UK (less than the Nexus 7 equivalent) The new bottom of the range Kindle Fire, that replaces the original model will be just £129. (Both available from late October 2012)

The older Apple iPad 2 is still available and now for just £329

The Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7 (both with 16GB) sell for £199

The Kobo Arc tablet costs £189.

The 8.9in Kindle Fire HD was only released in the US

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets - Nexus 7 vs Amazon Kindle Fire vs Apple iPad 2?

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a similar lower powered product to the Nexus 7 and has been around for a while, but has recently been revamped and the price reduced, with the launch of two new products: The 7" and 9" Kindle Fire HD. These look like good competition for the Nexus 7 and Apple iPad 2.

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