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How to Translate Foreign Language with Google Translator & Toolbar Kit

Updated on July 5, 2015
google translater
google translater

Google translator is one of the leading online language translation service used for translating foreign languages. The current version of Google translator offers translation of 57 most popular languages of the world. You can access this online free tool by visiting: . Learning a foreign language using this tool is simple.For this reasion million of Internet users use it to tranlate contents of websites written in foreign lanugae.

When you visit Google translate site you will see a box like the figure shown below, where you have to enter the texts or sentences you want to translate. If you find any foreign language website or text or even a word and do not identify on which language it is written on, then simply put your text in the translation box of the translator, the language of the text will be auto-detected. You just have to select the translated language and then click on the ‘translate button’- almost instantly you’ll get the translation of the output window. For an entire website translation, you can entire the URL of that site in the translation box, choose your language setting and the click translation. It is also possible to directly upload a file from your computer to Google translator for translations- to upload a file use the “upload document” option.

google translator
google translator

As I mentioned earlier, this tool can also be used to learn any foreign language. For example, if you are an English speaker and want to develop conversational skill on French, you can start typeing some elementary and useful sentences in English and then translate it in French. If you put the sentence “how to learn foreign language” in the Google translator to see what it is called in French- the result will show you as: Comment apprendre une langue étrangère. In addition, you can learn the proper pronunciation of that sentence in French- just beside the translated text, there is an audio icon to listen to the translation in French.

Who should use Google Translator?

Though many students are using this tranlationg tool to learn foreign language,it has also been widely used by tourists to become quickly familiar with the basics of a foreign language. To me, this translation tool has tremendous potential to make World Wide Web transparent to everyone regardless of which language you speak and where you live. Before using Goolge tranlate I came across many foreign language sites, mainly Chinese, in order to get useful business information, and every time I had to quit those sites without getting any information because most ot the contents werer written in Chinese. With the help of Google translation you can easily tranlate any webpage written in foreing language. Webmaster around the world are integrationg this translate service to their sites in order to attaract foreigen readers. This will certainly not only increase the e-commerce opportunity or knowledge sharing, but also increase the opportunity of off-line commerce.

Steps to add Google Translator into a Site

Blogs or website owners interested to show up their sites with other languages can embed Google translate facility in their site. Setting up the translation function in a site is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes. You can choose to translate your site to any specific language or to any of the 57 language available in Google translation pool. To add this translator to a site, at first you need to enable Java script to your web browser and then follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the site:
  2. Select your web site’s language, if the contents of your site are written in English, and then choose English.
  3. Now, select either one or all the language the language option. If you want to keep the option of translating your website in French and German, then select “specific language” and then choose both the language
  4. You will see a code. Just copy this snippet of code and paste it into your web site’s main page.
  5. Now, you website will have to option of choosing a language to be translated into.

translated search

translated search
translated search

How to Search Websites in Other Languages

Suppose you want to find information about French hotels in French websites and your language is English. For that in the left-side of Google Translate, there is an option “Translated Search”; click it. Now, in the new window, there will be a search box for translated search, put your keyword “French hotels” in it and select “Search pages written in” as French and “My language” as English. Click the search button.

When you click the search button, Google will convert you English into French and search only the websites written in French with the contents of “French Hotels” and grab the result. And once again, the searched result will be translated into English for you.

Word-by-Word Translation

For your personal convenient, if you visit a site with foreign language and only want to see word by word translation of that site. Downloading Google tool bar is the solution. Once Google tool bar is downloaded on your pc, then go to any foreign language site and put your mouse pointer on any word, you will see a small pop-up window will show the translation of that word in your own language.

Gmail Translation

How about you receive an important email written in a foreign language? If you are a Gmail user then you can easily translate it into your language with just a click. When your Gmail will detect that you received an email written in another language rather than the default settings, then under the header of the message you will see a “view translate message option”, click on it. If you always want that particular language to be translated into your default language, then just click on “always translate:  “option. To enable Google translator into your Gmail account, go to settings , click on “Labs” icon and then select “enable” on the ”message translation” icon. Now, at the bottom of the settings page click on “save changes”

How to Use Google Translator in Google Groups

For those want to start a discussion with global people in any language, can take the translate option of Google groups. When your Google groups have translated option enabled you can post any message in your own language and will be able to see the responses of your audience in translated form into your own language. This is truly one of the most attractive features of Google translator that can help you reach and learn people from across the world.

google translator toolkit
google translator toolkit

Text Translation on Google Translate

Google Translator Toolkit

Google Translator Tool Kit

This is another valuable tool for bulk translation. If have you a document written in a foreign language and you want it all to be converted to your own language, then using translator tool kit make your work efficient and cost-free. In the main page of Google translator you will see an option called” Translator tool kit”, click on it. And in the new window you will find a log-on option. To take this facility you have to log-on with your Gmail ID and upload your documents from your laptop and get the translation straight away. After log-on you need to click the “upload” button and then upload a file from your computer- the file format can be HTML, Microsoft Word .doc, Plain Text, Rich Text, Sub-rip, or Sub-viewer. Before upload, you must select the “translation to” and “translation form” option and then click “upload for translation” . on the left panel of the tool kit you will see the original text high-lighted with yellow color and on the left panel you get the corresponding translation, just click next to see the rest of the translation. For further use of this translation, you can save it.

Translator tool not only translate an entire uploaded file, but also can translate a website, Wikipedia articles and Google knoll documents.

Google Translator is a handy translator with lots of user friendly features, suitable for people of any age. It’s main strength lies in its easy-to-use features and it is one of the finest language translation service available online if you consider the translation of basic sentence structures of any language, though it may not always give you a comprehensive translation of complex sentences.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I sent this back because I did not rzaliee it did not speak the words. It also seemed a little flimsy but I did not keep it long enough to judge.

    • Daisy Mariposa profile image

      Daisy Mariposa 

      6 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)


      I've been using the Google translation tools for quite some time and have found them to be very helpful. Thanks for informing readers about these tools.


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks, but not as good as Bing Translation

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      not not el virus!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      very good site thanks so much.

    • profile image

      free online text messaging 

      8 years ago

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      You can Send Free Text Messages or Send SMS Text from PC to cell phone or mobile device.

      You can send free SMS text messages to anyone with a SMS or text message enabled mobile phone. You no longer have to pay to send quick SMS or text messages as long as you have access to the Internet.

    • profile image

      translation services 

      8 years ago

      A paragraph can be translated on Google translate and they also had the facility of translating a whole web page but these days I've noticed that when a url is pasted on the appropriate place to translate it doesn't do anything but says again that paste url for translation.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      is nice to caht and to know others language and am use it freely. thanks

    • andromida profile imageAUTHOR

      syras mamun 

      8 years ago

      @Fiantina-I think there is no alternative to human translation when you need to translate official documents or anything, because machine translation cannot always produce comprehensive translation,especially for complex sentences.Thank you so much :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good blog. Google created this translation tool with many functions to meet the needs of people who want a quick translation, but I am still not entirely convinced with its adequacy as a language learning tool.

      Google Translate uses crowdsourcing principles, where translators can sign in to help improve the app. It has come a long way but it still has its limitations, which immediately show when you paste in a whole article or sometimes even a long sentence. You cannot use it without checking to see whether there are any grammatical mistakes or strange words in your translation, so I would really not use it to translate into a language I do not know. People who have used this translation tool will notice this problem. I use Google Translation only when I need to translate simple words and even then I need to get some form of context.

      For documents I would still use a professional translator, and there are many translation companies that can provide you with good, high quality translation services. Not only can these help you translate your document into many languages, for example, Romanian and technical translation, but more importantly, they are accountable for what they produce, which is not what you can say for Google Translate- you can't take Google to court if your translation came out wrong.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Google translate is by far the best online translator available on the net. You can add value to your website using Google Language API, as I did in . The only problem is there's no "speech" function in this API, so you can't help your visitors to hear the texts...

    • Lucky88Happy profile image


      8 years ago

      Andromida, thanks for sharing this information. This and your hub about the popular websites of 2010 will be very useful to me.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i want understand about google translator........

    • profile image

      Abhimanyu Shrama 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.!!

      I want to say that it does not work well with the Hindi Language.!!

      Not able to convert all English words to Hindi and vice-versa.!!

    • andromida profile imageAUTHOR

      syras mamun 

      8 years ago

      @kimberley clark-thank you so much :)

      @Expertisement-Sometimes I use google translator to foreign language web contents, but I find that translation is not always up to the mark-however, it helps me to understand the main theme of any foreign article.Thanks :)

    • Expertisement profile image


      8 years ago

      nice article, though I have used Google tranlsator many times, I had never used the audio feature of this tool. I is really a good way to learn the basics of various languages... Thanks for such a detailed information about google translator

    • profile image

      kimberley clark 

      8 years ago

      i love facebook a lot

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      transtale the text in Ehglish or Korean

    • profile image


      8 years ago call me 91-9425605432, i want translate Eng to Hindi as a freelancer, sumit India

    • andromida profile imageAUTHOR

      syras mamun 

      8 years ago

      @Prasetio-Normally,I use google translate for translating web contents written in French and Spanish.Thank you so much :)

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      English is not a major language for me. Sometimes I use google translate to help me if I found difficulty in writing. Thank you very much.

    • profile image 

      9 years ago from bear, de, 19701

      sometimes it is helpful when I don't know word meaning. although not appropriate meaning. just take reference. anyway, thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very thorough article. Automatic translation can be very useful in many situations. However, it is not always appropriate. Webmasters should be sure to set expectations appropriately.

      Here is what Google says about multilingual websites:


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