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Gps Iphone

Updated on September 18, 2015

GPS iPhone Electronics

The GPS iPhone Electronics collection includes GPS receivers, sports GPS gadgets, Pet GPS location devices, and you will find iphones here as well. Turn an existing iPhone into a GPS enabled device or attach a gadget to your pet, yourself, your loved ones so you can be sure to have location information accessible.

You can use GPS to find a lost pet, to locate a hidden treasure (Geocaching), locate a lost teen, give directions to a spouse, keep track of your bucket list and much more.

You can rest assured you will be able to locate or provide location information as well as other information depending on the device. Sports devices may have heart rate data, mileage information, and more. You are sure to find the right GPS devices for all of your needs here.

Best Selection in GPS Sports Gadgets

Handpicked Most Popular GPS Sports Technology

Receivers turn your existing device into GPS enabled devices. The following receivers will work with your device. Check each item for compatibility details. The following items were specifically handpicked to ensure we have something for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch (iTouch GPS) 1G 2G, and desktop/laptop computers.

There may be more items compatible with these GPS receivers. Please see specific information for each product to find detailed features, compatibility and important accessories (if applicable).

Detailed Information about Most Popular GPS iPhone Devices

Having a GPS device can be one of the best things you can do for yourself in today's technology. Finding the right GPS device can mean you will have information about where you are, find our how to get where you are going, locate someone or something as well as pets who may wonder off from time to time.

Activate the full potential of an iPhone by purchasing an receiver or give your teen a way to feel safe knowing someone could locate them if need be.

  • Compatibility with high tech devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch and much more
  • CON: Must be compatible with your device
  • PRO: Some GPS items have multiple compatibilities so you can use on more than one device
  • Locate Pets, Belongings and Loved Ones
  • Keep track of fitness activity and health improvements
  • Connect to computer to transfer data

How To Choose The Best Styles

Choosing the right GPS device for your iPhone (or other device) can be easy when you list the features you need and are clear about what you would like the device to do for you. Ask yourself these questions and then start shopping to determine which device is best suited for your needs.

Consider the following:

  • Where will I use the device (city, wilderness, in flight)
  • What will I be tracking (routes, trails, pets, fitness data, maps, calendars, geocaching
  • Will I need to share data with other devices (my PC or iOS devices) or with other users (such as sharing pet tracking when hunting)
  • How many tracking details do I need at once (for example -- one of the items reviewed can track up to 10 dogs at the same time)
  • What functions do I need -- What apps do I need to run to meet those needs
  • Do I want to pay for activation or subscribe to a monthly service plan

Once you have answered these questions then go through each of the reviews in this series (see complete list in the series at the bottom of this page) to determine which device best fits into your wish list.

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