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GPS Logger | Track Anything With GPS

Updated on September 20, 2014
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Most people today are familiar with GPS technology. If you aren't one of them, GPS stands for global positioning system. It's a technology that utilizes a network of satellites orbiting the earth to determining the precise location of a GPS receiver or transmitter on the ground.

Many people have GPS navigation systems in their vehicles. Others use handheld GPS devices while hiking, camping, mountain biking, and other various activities.

This article will introduce you to a slightly different way to make use of GPS technology. Introducing the GPS logger. A GPS data logger uses the same network of satellites but it's purpose is a bit different. These handy devices are simply fancy bread crumb leavers. They don't tell the user where they are at any given point in time, they don't help the user navigate, and they won't get you out of the woods when you are lost on a hiking trip.

What a GPS data logger will do is tell you where you've been. What good is that, you might ask? Well, there are actually many good uses for this technology.

Business will often use GPS logger technology to learn about their driver's habits.

  • Does the driver go home for two hour lunches?
  • Do they stop off and go fishing in the afternoon?
  • Maybe the driver is making a detour and selling merchandise that "fell off the truck" to a guy names Spider in an alley?
  • Perhaps, a courier company wants to analyze the fastest routes to their delivery destinations.
  • Are you curious about where you significant other goes at night?

There are many more uses for these handy devices. One is only limited by his imagination. One good thing is that this particular type of GPS device doesn't require the user to subscribe to a service and pay a monthly bill.

The person analyzing the data can simply remove the memory card from the device or connect the device directly to a computer via a USB cable. The data can be downloaded and analyzed instantly.

The GPS data logger is just another way that innovators are making use of GPS technology in today's world.

Perhaps a GPS data logger would help you in your business?

If you are interested in GPS logger technology, you might also be interested in a cell phone locater.

GPS Logger Video

Here's a fun video about the smallest GPS logger on the market.  It's called a Track Stick and it's available from Brick House Security (formally Brinks Home Security)

GPS Logger Poll

Do you think it's ethical to secretly track people with GPS devices.

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Never track someone using GPS technology without their consent or knowing about it!

You are responsible for your own actions when using GPS tracking technology to track someone.

This article was written for your entertainment and is not in any way meant to offer legal advice.

I would love to hear your thoughts about GPS Data Loggers

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