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Great Tech Accessory Gifts for Teenagers

Updated on August 6, 2014

Ten Top Tech Accessories to Give as Gifts for Teenagers and Tweens

There are many expensive gift items at the tops of your tweens' and teens' birthday and holiday wishlists, but there are also some great accessories to go with those tech items they already posess. Whether you are looking for great stocking stuffer gifts for teenagers, or companion gifts for those computers, netbooks and ereaders, you will find some favorites featured right here.

iPad Accessory Gifts for Teenagers and Tweens

What teenager doesn't want an iPad? However, there are many interesting and useful accessories for protective purposes, as well as for conversion. iPad Cases keep the investment in this popular tablet pc safer. Meanwhile, a good keyboard makes it possible to convert from touchscreen typing, when applicable.

OtterBox Defender Series for Original iPad (Black)
OtterBox Defender Series for Original iPad (Black)

Otterbox tends to have some of the sturdiest protective gear on the market, engineered to take the harsh treatment that can come at the hands of a careless young person. I have relied on this brand for the adults in the house who carry fragile electronics, and it was our choice for our teens and tweens as well.

Neewer Imitation Leather iPad Case with Snap Flap
Neewer Imitation Leather iPad Case with Snap Flap

Leather or imitation leather can provide the padding you want along with the sense of luxury and quality that will cause that young person to think again before carelessly setting a tablet aside in a precarious position.


Headphones and Earphones for Teenagers and Tweens

Headphones are an essential for your teenagers' iPods, but those that generally accompany an iPod are usually not durable, for the long run. Take into account your teenagers' habits, or lending, and headphones and earbuds suffer a great deal of abuse at the hands of the average tween and teen users.

Invest in a nice set, and you should see longer lasting results, which ultimately save you that bimonthly earphone purchase.

Earbuds and Headphones for Teens and Tweens.

Find Durable Heaphones for Teenagers and Tweens - Skullcandy On Ear Headphones are affordable and durable...

We have honestly battled the war of the earphones for half a decade with few reliable results. My son bought this set for his sister at Christmas two years ago, and they are still going strong. Similarly, I picked up a set for my eldest daughter this year for her birthday, and they are serving her needs perfectly. Not everyone can afford those $200 Dr. Dre phones, but the interest in these old-school styles has definitely been peaked because of Dr. Dre. If you need an affordable substitute that provides great sound quality without the worry of an imminent malfunction, this is an ideal choice.

Skullcandy Uprock Royal On-Ear headset with Mic 1 for Phones - Retail Packaging - Blue/Black
Skullcandy Uprock Royal On-Ear headset with Mic 1 for Phones - Retail Packaging - Blue/Black

These are available in a variety of colors. Keep in mind that as these models are updated in the future, there is a great probability that pricing on the older options will decline.


iPod Speakers for Teenagers and Tweens

Your teenager loves their iPod, but they also love being able to hear the music with their friends, and there are many speakers and players that are compatible with MP3 players, for broadcasting music. These fit nicely in babysitting daughter brings out her iPhone and her speaker to entertain siblings when I need her to babysit. Another daughter enjoys the benefits of a speaker during 4H sewing classes as the teacher pops her phone into the dock to ensure that there's some fun background music. If you want to detach your young person from those annoying earbuds for a while, a speaker/docking system is a great investment.

iHome iH15 Color Changing 30-Pin iPod Speaker Dock
iHome iH15 Color Changing 30-Pin iPod Speaker Dock

My teenagers love this color changing speaker. I picked this out several years ago for my daughters to use with their iPods, and these continue to serve their needs with iPhone. However, you will have to watch for an updated model if you are using an iPhone 5 or beyond due to the change in the docking requirements. You may also want to look for an adapter for docking a different model.

JVC XS-SR3J Personal Ipod Dock with Speakers (Black)
JVC XS-SR3J Personal Ipod Dock with Speakers (Black)

Tweens tend to love quirky themes and designs, making this a fun option due to its unique shape.

Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone (Black)
Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone (Black)

Simple but sleek, this is a basic example of a speaker dock that can meet the needs of a young person without taking up excessive space. You'll find many more options recommended as you click through to explore these.


MP3 BoomBoxes for Teenagers and Tweens

More portable than a docking station style speaker system for mp3 and iPods. The boombox has truly gone through many changes over the years. If your older teens are transitioning away from CDs, you may be parting with those CD/Cassette versions that were cheap but suitable a few short years ago. Today's teen carries a huge library of music on an MP3 player or smartphone, and this is the type of unit that makes it possible to be mobile while sharing. Unlike iPod speakers, the boombox version is easier to carry and manage even if there isn't a convenient surface on which to set the device. Try carrying a pair of speakers without having issues?

Kindle Covers and Accessories for Teenagers and Tweens

If you are thinking about a Kindle for your Teenager, or a Kindle for a Tween, then you want to make sure you protect that investment, and provide a protective cover to go with it. Additional possible companion gifts include a Kindle light. Kindle is Amazon's bestselling product, sitewide, and available in varying price ranges.

I have had two very different experiences with Kindles and teens. My oldest was careful from the very start with her e-reader, watching where she left it and making sure that it was protected. My 15 year old, however, is very absentminded and a bit unobservant with electronics. A good Kindle cover has definitely saved the day on many occasions.

Netbook and Notebook Sleeves as Gifts for Teenagers and Tweens

Netbooks are a hot gift item for teenagers and tweens, as they are relatively inexpensive, as computers go, with reasonably good use as portable computing devices. They are a great tech investment for educational purposes, and can help make computer competition within a household less stressful. Accessory gifts for teens and tweens, when it comes to netbooks, include cases, which protect that portable computer from damage, and keep it free of dust and dirt.

Chromebooks have also become very popular for their quick online access and their durability. I love my unit, and see the sense for using a sleeve in my own travels. My teenagers don't necessarily exercise the same cautions that I use in carrying their devices from place to place, making a good cover an important investment.

***Find the newest releases in Netbook bags and cases.

Shown below are just a few of the many interesting netbook covers available. There are a huge variety of colors and designs.

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