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Great Tips For Craft Bloggers

Updated on March 13, 2015
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Best Ideas And Tips For Craft Bloggers

Have you thought about turning your craft passions into solid cash? Many have blogging about their craft passions and you can too. If you market your crafts online, blogging opens a huge market for you by directing your readers to your products. If you are all about sharing information about the craft you love, you can also be profitable in the craft of your choice. There is money to be made for those who are willing to allot the time and energy into what they enjopy most.

Craft blogging will get you bits of publicity for your craft business. No matter if it is a website, a craft consultant site, a craft store site, an itsy or ebay store, your blog will help you build a relationship with people that eventually will create profit.

How You Make Money On A Craft Blog - Considering Starting A Craft Blog?

In making a decision to make a craft blog, you are making a committement that this effort will in fact be part of your business plan. So before you make that decision\, you need to understand how money is made on a craft blog

  • Marketing Your Own Products If you sell on Itsy or any other online location, a craft blog is a perfect location to market your products to a wider audience
  • Marketing Supplies You can sell craft supplies and make money
  • Marketing As A ConsultantIf you work as a consultant for a craft company such as a stamping or scrapbook company a blog is a perfect opportunity for you to market your products
  • Marketing Affiliate Programs You can blog and share information. Adding affiliate programs such as Amazon, Ebay and more allow you to make money while writing about your passions

Advertise Tastefully

It's ok to add an add or two, especially once you are established, but nothing will turn your readers off more than a blog that is an ad platform

Blogging Your Craft Business - Getting Started

Yes, blogging has been profitable for many crafters. It is one way to focus on your ideas and products. But blogging does take some time, so you will have to decide if that time is in your schedule. To be successful, you need to blog daily, so before you get started, decide if you will do it faithfully. Many a blog has been started and then just dropped off the face of the internet. So, the first step is to decide, in earnest, if you have the time and dedication to do this daily. Here are some books that will make you more successful in your efforts. we have handpicked them as the beat of the best.

Show Your Crafts On Your Blog

Become The Showcase For Your Craft

It's important for you to develop as a craft blogger. That's why you need to showcase your work on your blog. As you develop, people will flock to see what you have to show and the traffic you gain will ultimately get you the sales that you are hoping for. It's important when showing your crafts, that you show clear pictures. Tell about the craft as if you were telling a friend about it. Doing this one step will add interest to your blog

When showing your crafts, include a step by step explanation with pictures of each step. This makes your readers learn a new skill and they will be eager to come back for more

Add Tutorials And Demonstrations

Your Readers Love To Learn Something New

Show your readers that you know your stuff by adding some projects and ideas. Readers love to learn something new and will come back over and over again to see what's new. If you are showing a project make sure to add a supply list, step by step instructions and pictures. You can also make a tutorial on UTube and attach that to your blog. Keep their interest and they will come back for more

Create useful content No one will keep coming back if you are not offering information that they can use. Just like a lens or a website, your content must be relevant and useful. You want to develop a group of people who are eager to hear what you have to say. Gradually these folks will begin to trust you and the sales will happen

Best Tips For Craft Bloggers

Here are our favorite tips for craft bloggers. Remember, you goal is to get an audience for your blog. You need to keep your readers attention. The goal is to get traffic to your blog. It takes work and effort, but the rewards can be oh so very sweet.

  1. Keep Your Postings Short, Relevant and To The Point Everyone has time crunches and for your blog to be high in your craft, you need to post in a manner that will keep them coming back. So keep it short, to the point and relevant to your subject. You will get a solid base od readers if you follow this one key point.
  2. Keep It Fun and Personal Remember to write as if you are talking to a friend. Keep it light and not too technical. Engage your readers and they will come back for more. Add a few personal notes so that your readers get to know you. But don't make it a personal journal.

    Let your personality shine through and make your blog enjoyable

  3. Keep It OrganizedWrite down what you want to cover at least weekly on a calendar. Make plans every week and stay on track. Rambling here and there will cause you to lose your readership
  4. Keep It Timely Plan ahead for holidays and seasons. On your calendar plan your campaigns so that they are timely and relevant. Your readers will appreciate your consideration in helping them plan ahead
  5. Remember, no blog is an island Linking to other bloggers will help you get more traffic. Your readers will appreciate your thoughtfullness
  6. Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle Lack of Commitment to a blog is a road to nowhere. If you know that you can't blog daily, then commit to twice a week or three times a week. Your readers will appreciate your commmitment to them
  7. Respond To Comments make sure to respond if you have a comments section on your blog. People appreciate acknowledgement. This one step will build loyalty to you and your products that will be like gold to your business
  8. Be Sure That Your Design Has Eye Appeal Make sure that your blog header reflects who you are as a crafter. Chose a header and design that is appealing to the eye.
  9. Proofread Your Posts Make sure to check your spelling and your grammer. Edit your content so that it's not rambling.
  10. Post on other blogs Posting as a guest on other blogs gives you visability and broadens your audience
  11. Always link to other posts that have relevance to your current post You will keep your readers at your blog longer
  12. Link you most successful post to your sidebarYou will have longer visits from your readers
  13. Make sure that readers have a way to reach you They may want to ask you questions or share something with you. Make sure that you have a way for them to reach you and respond when they do as fast as possible. You will bond with your readers and make your blog popular

Pinterest Tips For Craft Bloggers - Must Have Tool For Every Craft Blogger

Pinterest is a promotional tool for your crafts and your blog. It showcases your crafts by picture and category. You will widen your audience especially when people you don't even know repin one of your pins ! Here are some tips for you to use to get the most out of your pinterest account. The greatr thing for crafters- it's free to use !

  1. Add a "Pin It "button to your website and blog ! Add it to each posting and page on your blog. Check with your blog platform. Some have aytomatic buttons you can add
  2. Add descriptions to your About section, and use specific keywords in your Pinterest board names. Be very specific about your board names to that you posting appeals to your target audience

Don't clutter up your blog with too many badges, links blog rolls and ads. When your readers believe that the only purpose for your blog is to sell or promote yourself, you will lose your readership.

Free Blogging Sites - You Need To Have A Platform

There are many free places to blog. Fior the most part, you will be blogging under their address. You can add a domain specified to your address, but of course there are fees to add to that. If you decide to have a website, you can link it to your web site with the same domain name, very easily. You will get higher rankings with your own domain name, however. Also note in the free modes, you may get ads attached to your blog.

Ask your readers to give their input Don't be afraid to ask them what they think. They will help you become a better blogger. Look at their comments and thoughts. Host a poll or a question. Make them part of your community and they will become avid readers of what you have to say

Craft Blog Ideas And Tips - More Craft Blog Inspiration

What can you do on your craft blog? Pictures and how to's on projects that you have done, preferably using the products that you are promoting. Product reviews are very profitable, especially if you can show the product in your own environment. Other bloggers and what they are doing, especially if they are on your blog roll. Interviews with other crafters are always interesting to your readers. Keep it interesting and your readers will come back.

Blog about the inspiration behind your art It makes your blog interesting, personable and a good read

Do You Have A Craft Blog? - We'd Love To Hear From You

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 3 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thanks again. I will be checking out your blog, for sure

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      Jenn Dixon 3 years ago from PA

      I do have a craft blog! Once again, you have great advice and excellent tips here. Well done!