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Gulbransen Electronic Organ from the 70's

Updated on September 18, 2014

These cost over $6,000 in the 70's

My father bought this for my mother in the mid 1970s. She loved to play. She upgraded from a Lowry to the Gulbransen 400 series. This particular one no longer makes any sounds. I think that a ladybug walked across some circuits and shorted something out.

Pitch Pipe Online

When you need to know the pitch of a note


The keyboard and the buttons

There are many buttons that control the sounds you can play on this organ. Mom used to play older classic songs. Songs she learned to play in piano lessons in the 1930s. She grew up in a large city in northern Minnesota on Lake Superior. She loved to play and I recall there was a piano at the first home I remember living in. My aunt also had a piano. She still has it. She also has an organ that has bellows and foot pumps.

There are foot pedals and the volume is controlled by a large foot pedal.

I recall the Lowry had an extra lever on the large foot pedal for slurring your sound. I believe it flattened the note. It was cool. It made the note sound like it was sliding sideways...


Electronics, electronics, electronics

In all reality, this organ is like a large boombox. My father thought it was a pipe organ when he purchased it. He was very surprised to hear, 40 years later, that there isn't one pipe in the organ.


The speaker system..

I find this to be a very interesting speaker system. Speaker mounted inside a drum. Simple, really. Bearings to keep drum spinning quietly. Some sort of acoustical cloth covering. A hole in edge to let sound from mounted speaker out. Each revolution, sound is forced out front of organ. There is some sort of plate mounted on the back side of drum, across from speaker. Is this for mellowing out the sound?

I don't know. It's very interesting, even if I do not know why.


Huge speakers...

This organ played loud. I guess I can see why...


Electronics, Galore...



I bought this service manual for it...

Everything you wanted to know about the electronic circuits in this organ... but were afraid to ask...

Do you need any electronic parts?

Yes. It's true.They are for sale.

This organ was taking up so much space and no was interested in putting it to use, so, I have been taking it apart, piece by piece.

I may put them on ebay, or I may not. It depends on whether anyone is looking for something in the meanwhile.

Okay. Help me out...

Why did you select this particular lens to visit? Are you looking for some information in particular? Let me know. Leave a message in the guestbook. Send me an email... I actually will answer emails. Well. Up to a point... I guess. My daughter still wishes to sell the organ that she owns. Is it worthwhile to try selling to someone? What is your opinion... Is there some information that could be here that you are not seeing? I can add something if Amazon has it...

Just LET me know...

Thank YOU!!!


Does anyone watch the show Storage Wars?

The reason why I ask is because the other night we were watching an episode and there was one locker that had a Hammond 3 organ on it and they were searching for the leslie speakers. Apparently, they thought that the Leslie speakers were pretty valuable.

Any opinions on the subject?

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      laura 2 years ago

      need book on pedals and buttons

    • profile image

      ConvenientCalendar 4 years ago

      I did not know they went for that much money! Thanks for sharing!

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